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Adding Another Member!

Yay, a new blogger is joining the Talus! Its Ashiya (erm.. a mithra heh?) yar, well I’ve took some time to minaturize that mithra into somewhat taru shape! So its ok now hehe. Well drop by and say hi :D.

I’ve also took this time to upgrade my StarOnion Portal to all 3ds graphics.

There’s reason why they are like that! First of all, we always knew Taco and Wohdo are kinda close friends, so as you can see, they are holding each other’s hands! Inore and Cier really doesn’t like gay tarus, so they decided to throw stuff / shoot them!

For me, knowing Ashiya’s a mithra and since I don’t want her to have that much attention, I’ve decided to sit on her (shrink her a bit), so her body is kinda shrinked! Ashiya apparently loves bard in�her party, so as you can see, she’s starring at Tazo singing! She dreams about bard 24/7!

OK enough bullshit! Well I was kinda testing the code etc, cleaning up the server, upgrading WordPress etc etc, so I wanted to take the index page down just so I get less tells/complaints! But the error page was SO cute, both Ciermal and I didn’t want to take it down :(. Lesson learned, don’t make error page very cute… else you never want to put your real website back up! LOL

Time to sleep, class in 5 hours….

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