What Mai Enjoy in FFXI?!

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Still not good at it :( I can use some more practice so if you want a siggy ^^; jus reply in the comment hehe

So what’s the deal?

So I haven’t really done anything related to FFXI for awhile. That’s because I just can’t find anything enjoyable. So I was just wondering how do YOU enjoy your game. I want to hear your suggestion.

But before going rampage on ideas, here’s things I no longer find enjoyable / bored of it.

Stuff I no longer find enjoyable

HNMLS related (HNM drama, killing of HNM, dynamis, sky)

  • emo ego drama doesn’t outweight the fun from these above activities.

Leveling NPC, beading Chocobo

  • kay, Chocobo racing is boring, or sounds boring (if you have weapons, like trip other chocobos down during racing, maybe…)
  • NPC is trash, I’m a rdm, can voke can heal can tank, my blu solos imp for 8k exp/hr, what’s the point?


  • if only it didn’t require 18 people, cool! I thought of doing it with a few friends, that way its more challenging but meh… someone will emo …

Capping out all combat skills / level new jobs

  • most of my subjobs are 37 (except pup mnk drg cor), none of them sound interesting. I mean sure I <3 Cor AF, but its more of an eye candy than anything. I can always just use model viewer.
  • the only thing that is no longer capped is parrying / club skills. Leveling club is gay because the K-club owner cannot level it with K-club… wtf?! and parrying no longer go up on anything that is under EM mobs for 75 (parrying 190 atm)


  • I’m maxed out on merit… so I’m not even motivated by the exp gain… items? Um.. sounds like a monetary gain, I’ll rather Goldsmith in town.

Try to play like Avesta?

  • I need to pee every hour… so that wouldn’t be possible. Besides, all avesta does is “outlast” the monster. You got to be able to sit infront of the PC continuously, which I can’t….

What I DO find enjoyable is

  • helping out on people’s mission
  • Goldsmithing for people who needs them.
  • maybe assault…
  • playing with friends (and probably the only reason I’m still around)
  • are there more that I didn’t think of??!?
  • AND….. learning 3ds max and making nice sigs!! (see above)

4 Responses to “What Mai Enjoy in FFXI?!”

  1. Ciermel says:

    Maimaitalu, i luv it thanks a lot! u r the bestalu la!

  2. Etain says:

    Lots of people been falling outof love with Vana’diel lately. :

    I don’t know how much help I’ll be, but the things I enjoy doing lately are Limbus, Dynamis, and Assault. I log on daily to check my chocobo and gardening, but that’s aboutit. : I’ll randomly get the urge to merit, or go work on my Morgenstern latent (still so far to go ;-;/), but after taking an almost 2 week break and coming back, I can’t find something to hold my attention every day anymore.

    On a totally different note, you can make a siggy for me if the spirit moves you. :D

  3. Maiev says:

    yar i’ll get onto the sigs shoon! was playing with dirty sigs today hehe

  4. mirith says:

    Hmmm I think maybe you should try to get into Assault! Get a set group of a few players, then just ask one or two other friends to join when you need. I really enjoy Assault, they are easy to set up, and each one is different from the next.

    Same goes for Limbus! You dont need 18 people unless you’re going for Ultima and Omega. If you just want AF items and coins, there are lots you can do with 10 peeps or less.

    Obviously you love crafting, you could level up a different craft on a mule? Hmmm

    Otherwise I would suggest another job :O I’m really sick of the level grind, so went with BST… its totally different. Can do what you want, and play how you want. You can ever stop to pee after one hour!


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