An attempt to make sigs ‘-‘

Um.. its been awhile….. just trying to keep my photoshop and 3ds max skills sharpen :O

Made tazo a siggy, dunno if she’ll like it hehe

Sig v1

feel free to drop me a comment , or if u want me to make a sig, not the best at it but practice makes better ^^;

[Edit: version 2] jus fix some font

Sig v2

5 Responses to “An attempt to make sigs ‘-‘”

  1. Ciermel says:

    wow mai that is awesome make me one too ^^

  2. Fireal says:

    Maiev.. you’re fuckin’ awesome.

    I still don’t have a [Maiev] on my earring and it’s making me real sad.

  3. tazo says:

    Thanks MaiMai ^^ I really like it… romantic bard… just my taru’s style. ^^

  4. Maiev says:

    I’ll get on with it shoon :( i’ll do the sig this wkend but heavens earring hm… tat’s goin be a bit hard ; ;

  5. Strawberrie says:

    Ooh that is so pretty, I love the blue theme, matches her hair so well… Great job!


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