Mario Kart~

Yes, I have been spending a lot of time playing Mario Kart ^^; (I’ll back to FF soon, I hope). Anyway, if you watch Initial D, you’ll love this stage in Mario Kart, its a popular track in Nintendo Wi-Fi battle. Anyway I had a bad start in one of the race, got smack with rockets and red turtle shell BUT my 1337 skill put me from 8th to 1st hehe ^^; I ended up 2nd though :<. Playing online is damn hard :< ppl know where to place banana peel or fake ? boxes. Ran out of space when I record to 50 sec so anyway '-'

Mario Kart Video, Slips and Drifts

The vid above is my replay ^^; its in 3gp (SonyEricsson Phone format) 500kb, so you will need QuickTime / QuickTime Alternative or some 100in1 codec to play it. Hay =P a chance to see what mario kart is like :D. I’ll post about FF when I get un-lazy soon.

On the side note, found this on bg forum. lol

JP Magazine, Fuck

Mini Update:
Choco Music! I really liked it, especially the melody ‘-‘ fits my blog imo hehe :D

4 Responses to “Mario Kart~”

  1. Reiginsei says:

    There was more… Mario Kart DS is tough against experienced playes but good fun. I just cant get my WiFi hooked up ; ;

  2. Etain says:

    I haven’t played MarioKart DS yet, but I pwn at Mario Kart 64, and Super Circuit (GBA). ^_^;

    That game is crazy addicting. I’ll have to pick up the DS version sometime.

  3. Maiev says:

    Hehehe gogo get DS and add each other into friends :O

    but yar, i’ll admit its addicting :O gotta get online play working Reiginsei, ppl are damn good and annoying :D


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