Poor Korean Girl

Seeya: Back dancer collapse during live show!

I dunno, although continuing with the show is the professional way to do it. But say Colbert Report, the person being interviewed collapsed :< there's no way the show can even continue. I'd personally prefer the show to be stopped imo (but may cause a panic to the audience) over that... (which shows slow reaction / not responsible) YouTube Vids (dunno y I can't directly post em) The 30sec Version here.

You can find the full version here.

kidna hard to spot what’s added in blog so I’ll note em fron now on ^^;

added a widehair Talu’s blog from Ramuh: marmalade mix!

3 Responses to “Poor Korean Girl”

  1. Frohike says:

    That’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

    You can tell the girl collapsed from the strobes…probably epileptic -_-

    Never mind, it’s just sad.

  2. mirith says:

    wide hair! not sure if thats a compliment on not… hehehehe ;)

  3. Maiev says:

    hehe mirith ^^ nah its our ls thing, we call this taru Fireal Wide Hair, so thought I’d call you with that too ^^; its cute name don’t u think so? :D even I wanna be wide hair hehe

    Wide Hair Talu!


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