/welcome Wohdo!

Wohdo and Maiev Taru, 3ds Render Fenrir

Wohdo and Maiev!

Yay for Wohdo, another Talu that got inspired to start blogging!

Its a sleek design, something different from all of us, and I think Wohdo will be a better blogger than Taco! The image below is linked to his blog. And as always, a Talu is also linked from the staronion frontpage. ^^;

Wohdo is Japanese, so just drop by say hi and be nice :o I know you lurkers are out there xD. The cool part is, all 5 of the bloggers are… all from differet LS, so its kinda nice to read blog from 5 different aspects�from Fenrir server�instead of 5 bloggers posting “We kill Bahamut today”

On the side note, Chocobo raising sucks and Strawberrie’s post basically said what I want to say. I won’t even bother to write anymore words on it.

Gone for the day, bbl ^^;

2 Responses to “/welcome Wohdo!”

  1. Strawberrie says:

    lol ^^;

  2. Maiev says:

    I’m still new to the wordpress engine :


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