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6 Responses to “Fools Revealed & Lots More…”

  1. Calaera says:

    :X This year’s April Fool’s joke seemed similar to last years so I just kinda waited to see how many would fall for it. I think the ONLY person that had me wondering if it was a joke or not was Kaeko (ok, and maybe JPbutton). Goodness. I had to actually sleep on it before he spelled it out that it was serious. >_<;

    And why not visit Ragnarok!?! D:

  2. Shayx says:

    Never again will I believe a word you say on April 1st after last years joke… but I didn’t say anything so you could try to fool others :) Also, the security token for ffxi gives you up to an additional 80 inventory :D

  3. Maiev says:

    haha Calaera :) sorry to disappoint :) ALTHOUGH i had a pretty bad one too, wasn’t authorized xD and it has something to do with the AH. maybe we’ll see it next year, as it is something that would cause a panic xD! had to come up with something quick so it wasn’t that quality.

    However, for me knowing Odin and Bahamut’s closed down, him coming back was imo a little slim, if it is, it’s also on another server… which I dunno if that really goin happen, so I thought he would go WoW, so him writing a comeback was already making me wonder.. good joke =)

  4. Kaeko says:

    I know like 4-5 TK members that play WoW right now. I’ve played it at a RL friend’s house a couple times but found it too easy. The devs are also too nice to their players =P I do LOVE their interface though (and the fact you can jump). I’m hoping Aiker’s Windower v4 will make up most of the differences though.

    Generally, the biggest issue I had with possibly attempting WoW was the idea of learning a new game. Though the game is ‘easier’ and faster than FFXI, the time it would take to master it would be much more intense than simply restarting FFXI. Also PVP is the ultimate investment if you want to be the best. In FFXI you ‘compete’ against code – PVP WoW you compete against real people, which is infinitely harder (and hence would require more playtime). I love your WoW updates though!

    As far as FFXI, it’s a very different game if you just switch jobs. I basically played 5 years on the same job (SCH plays almost exactly like BLM too), so switching is a nice way to keep the nostalgia of replaying things you haven’t don e in 5 years, but also add a new feeling to it.

  5. Maiev says:

    I do feel you in regards to learning a new game. Everything in WoW is quicker. MOUSE is a big one O.o

    At first, I was so paranoid to the fact that I had to play with a mouse. I tried very hard to clone all movements using just the keyboard – like FFXI. It didn’t work out too well and eventually I just suck it up and learn the WoW way.

    You are right, the best thing in WoW is PvP, and not competing against codes or monster which is very predictable (lol if hp<80% action=giga flare for example). PvP's are completely different gameplay for sure. The dropping and rising of your Arena rank was very satisfying

    But like any other games, what's important is you enjoy it :) Even if it means rewriting the 5 years worth of story that SE teared up.

    I'll keep up with the FFXI-WoW updates and glad someone out there who enjoys it :) I enjoy writing those too, and a way for people to experience World of Warcraft, without playing it but in a language that they would understand (by relating to FFXI). Because... I wish I knew what it was like before I start WoWing :)

    PS: I think you'd be amazing in PvP, just from your personality and how you approach video games =) Too bad the one in FFXI is a joke :x

  6. Kimiko says:

    Honestly, I should come visit Fenrir one of these days when I don’t have anything to do & play with some duckies. =D


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