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5 Responses to “the Psychology behind MMORPGs”

  1. Maiev says:

    Female players are typically introduced to the environment by a romantic partner and are older than male players in MMORPGs.

    Is that line describing me introducing you to MMORPG? ROFL!

    emale players are more likely to use the MMORPG environment to build supportive social networks, escape from reallife stress and to be immersed in a fantasy world.

    DAMN right!

  2. Tazo says:

    o.O I’m only like a couple months older than u maiev-talu! Hahaha… romantic partner XD. >.>

  3. Jowah says:

    ahah i agree with that, but I was not introduced to MMOS by a “romantic partner” lol XD
    Great article, i’ll spam tis to my friends

  4. to put it simply, an mmorpg is nothing but an IRC chatroom but with stuff to do besides just chat. i haven’t read the article (yet…i downloaded it) but without looking, i can already tell you what the general summary is:

    males – play the game to “beat” it or to best their competitors

    females – play to create/maintain relationships and to escape

    so you take a bunch of lonely single males driven to beat everyone else, put them in a place where they can interact with females that are trying to be “social” and voila! instant drama.

    i too have been thinking about the effect of in-game relationships but realized it would be like a 5 page esay. i’ll come up with something more eventually, but for now i’d rather concentrate on my financial portfolio. xD

  5. Tazo says:

    Yah DP, in the article it does say on the very basic level; when you strip away the pretty landscapes and music and avatars you are just basically left with a chatroom.


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