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One Response to “Lets play FFXIV!”

  1. bungiefan says:

    I tried FFXIV ARR for the free month with purchase, one paid month, and the free period after release of Gold Saucer. My old FFXI LS had moved on to the server I chose for FFXIV. I joined their FC and LS on day 1 and only ever actually saw the character of one of them once, on my last day, doing the mission that required you to form a party for the first time. That experience turned me off to the game and made me decide to stay with FFXI.

    FFXIV felt empty to me. I saw lots of people, but just running around. Nobody was talking outside of their LS and FC chat. The only shouts and tells I saw were for gil selling. There was little incentive to form a party while leveling, and the clutter around everything trying to give me all these places to go at once was distracting.

    I made it to level 21 or so Thaumaturge, and completed that mission with a duty-finder provided tank who decided to troll us so the WHM had to tank. I couldn’t figure out how to enter the mission with my own party I had formed, and so I left to do something else, not knowing I was still in Duty Finder, and I got drawn into a 90 minute dungeon hitting my confirm button on my controller when I was trying to do something else, 10 minutes before I was supposed to go to bed with my wife, and it took 80 minutes to clear because of the troll.

    Also, the world of FFXIV just doesn’t feel so engaging to me. I’m finding myself chasing shiny NPC and map indicators, rather than reading what the NPCs have to say, so I have little idea what is going on to care about the world, while in FFXI, I care about Vanadiel because I have to read everything, and I have seen the world grow and be dangerous. FFXIV looks nicer, but it just doesn’t catch me to be interested.


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