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'Miss Mai and Mr Otak's Card - 2013'

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13 Responses to “Miss Mai and Mr Otak’s Card – 2013”

  1. Wohdo says:

    ty your letter☻
    sky diving (≧∇≦)
    Greetings from Japan

  2. AAAGH says:

    MAI! I got your card! It’s really adorable! The drawings look lovely, Karla did a great job, and loved your photos guys! It all looks gorgeous and sounds like you been having lot of fun besides hard work! ^^ Thanks so much!!!!

    • Maiev says:

      haha glad you got it :) :) be sure to claim prize :D!

      we’ve been busy that’s why we haven’t been quite involved in many things. we just started ffxiv so that’s just a clue how busy we were.

      but ya c u around, maybe in xiv :)

  3. Eleira says:

    Got ur lovely card!
    It’s on our bookshelf with the other Xmas cards! On display
    Thank u and Karla!

  4. Jonpaule says:

    Hi Maiev,
    My card arrived today, its lovely. I am blessed with some wonderful friends.

    Have a great Christmas Maiev and Otak

    Lots of Love Jonpaul :)

  5. Blackash says:

    I got your Christmas card! Thank you so much for it and the gift. You and Karla are so cute together, I hope you are enjoying your holiday :)

  6. Aini says:

    I just found Yer card in my mail! Sooo cute! Yer gf’s art is so damn awesome!
    Thanks for sending me a card <3 Love the wittle polaroid of my drawing :) so cute!

  7. Special PZ says:

    Maiev! You always have the coolest cards. Skydiving/hobbit/nyc – no wonder you have no time! Sorry I couldn’t make it the last time you were in NYC, but let me know the next time you’re around here!

    Wish you and Karla a very happy new year!

    \( ^)</

    PS: I started xiv on Cactuar, but then quit, but plan to start up again in about a month or two. When the game first came out, I tried to get everyone on 1 server, but was too hard :<

  8. Atalanta says:

    HI! I just got your card. It is beautiful as always. Ever since the first one I have looked forward to them every year and it truly makes me smile. You two are so wonderful! I looks like you did some pretty awesome stuff this past year. I’m super jealous :)

    All my love to both of you. I hope you have a wonderful new year!


  9. Jeff says:

    I just got your card today!
    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.
    Good to see you playing FFXIV. I’ve been playing a lot lately but once school starts again I’ll probably be doing less and less :(

    That is a crazy picture of tandem skydiving!

    As usual, Karla’s art is stunning =]

  10. Cheche says:

    Late late reply, but got the card, thankies! It’s so cute x3 Also: booo to you guys being on Excal, we’re on Sargatanas and there’s some dude running around with Maiev for a name, and an Elvaan! What’s up with that?! D: The hubby and I are jelly of the hobbit hole, we’re gonna go there someday ><!

    Anywho, happy (late) holidays to ya'll, have a good one :]


  11. Shayx/Lilyana says:

    Hey Mai! Just got your card. It is so awesome! I played XIV the first time around but my PC broke and it won’t run on my laptop :( Maybe I’ll give it another try when I get a new PC! I’m still playing XI some and I don’t run a linkshell anymore. I let the youngsters run things too! Gosh, skydiving? Looks so scary, I hope you weren’t flying the plane!

    Always <3 getting your cards!


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