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41 Responses to “Otak and Mai getting Married!”

  1. Frohike says:

    Aw… Congratulations :) If I had a FFXIV I would attend.

  2. Calaera says:

    I wanna attend! :3

  3. Cynthea says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww thats so adorable Mai ^^ I wish you both the very best!
    I checked your wedding website and you did such a great job!
    I would love to attend, but theres just one minor setback… I don’t have FFXIV >n<;; I dont wanna be a burden though!

  4. PoP says:

    I want to attend!! However, your dates and times are confusing to me. @[email protected] I have no idea when that is. If I’m reading that correctly (basing it off my own birthday which I can read from my certificate) that’s April 1st of next year right?

  5. PoP says:

    Or… is this some kind of cute April Fool’s joke? Cause then I would be sad duck. ( ;)= I love weddings!

  6. Tazo (Connie) says:

    Happy April Fool’s! :D Btw, the part about Friday night being not busy isn’t a joke.. right?!

  7. Sumnydera says:

    Im in!

  8. Xariana says:

    Mai…this is too cute.

  9. Eleira says:

    YES! Tsu and I will definitely be there whenever it may be!

  10. Eleira says:

    What is “1st Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon, 2012?”

    Also, I just realized that today is April Fools…. this isn’t a joke is it? It’s soo elaborate!!!!

  11. Belmonte says:

    Toto!!! I’m so happy for you!! You guys are so cute, im super jealous. Pass some of that romance trick to allegas. Yes, I’m back with my siulongbao hehe ? But you know me… i’m always confused haha I have no clue what those wedding dates and time mean in my underdeveloped brain!, i happen to have bought copy of FFXIV that i never opened… i guess this is the right time for it :P

  12. Kimiko says:

    Okay I can do that, and hopefully have a good compy by then. =D

    congratulations man! /hug

  13. ClassicRed says:

    I’ll come ! Congrats! :P

  14. Sorasha says:

    the site is so cute

  15. Atalanta says:

    This is posted under FFXI humor… so it makes me wonder :P

    Congrats (if it is true) and i would be happy to be there ^^

    • Maiev says:

      Ding! Haha well hope you had a good laugh and don’t hate us! :D!

      Thanks for playing and hope you had a fun April Fools :D!

  16. KyaruTaru says:

    ^^- unfortunately my computer doesn’t support FFXIV (even if the game didn’t suck), but congrats :>

  17. Yuukino says:

    Wow! Congratulations! Join the shackled down club. XD I really wish we could be there, but my computer couldn’t think about running FFXIV and it’s pretty much on it’s last leg anyways. (I’m also trying really hard to stay away from MMO’s in general! XD They can be a detriment to a RL social life!) But I’m really happy for you! Good for you to find a girl to can handle all that hyper! XD I see on the site that you guys dont want gifts, but if they’re something you’d need I’d like to do something since I can’t even make an online wedding. My best friend’s birthday is tomorrow as well, so we’ll be at her party (I’m making the cake!) but I’ll be thinking of you! Again, Congratulations! Enjoy your married life together!

  18. Blackash says:

    Now I’m confused! For reals or is this elaborate April Fools joke?! lol Well either way, you two make an adorable couple. I hope it isn’t a joke because it seems like a sweet idea. I understand the “too broke for a real wedding” situation XD

    Congrats all the same! The website is so cute, I love the Our Story section.

  19. Lilyana says:

    I don’t think I can ever trust anything you say on April 1st again (after last time) However if this is true, I’ll be there!

  20. AAAGH says:

    Ill kill you both! xDDDDD
    This was amazing! I laughed hard at the FAQ as well! So elaborated joke.. Although I wish it was true, was too cute!

  21. Maiev says:

    Party’s over! April Fools LOLZ!

  22. Eleira says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t want it to be a joke. I want go attend it. Can you make it happen nonetheless? it would be sooo cool

  23. Karla (Otak) says:

    Hehe thanks for the comments everyone! Sorry that it was a April fool joke!

    As the male tarutaru (or lalafell) Otak, I still didn’t properly proposed to Maiev in the game XD

    One day.. one day! (Any idea? I totally have no idea how to do it coz I’m a girl in rl haha!)

  24. 4Leaf says:

    What a shame! And I would have been happy to attend too!

  25. Zimph says:

    hey mai, need to talk to you! E-mail me please :>

  26. Jens Nuttimaki says:

    Hahaha I was searching for April Fools and this came up in the results, very well done! Jens.


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