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8 Responses to “Mai 2c on Server Merge and Lv99”

  1. Jowah says:

    The idea of a lvl99 BLM makes me literally wet all over my pants.
    Srsly I could solo the world.

  2. Zeypher says:

    I agree with the point’s in this article, but you might want to watch how you use ‘is’ and ‘are’.

  3. Raislin says:

    Keep writing! I wish I’d discovered this place earlier. Will you be active and writing about XIV? :)

  4. Mike D says:

    Awesome write up! Glad to see you’re back into the writing game :D

  5. bungiefan says:

    So it’s been 5 years since this happened, and we have not just had level 99, but Job Points as the new merits for level 99, Did you get a chance to come back for any of the 3 free periods they have done?


    The game has changed a lot. Gearing and leveling is not a low process now.

    The last storyline has been announced, and they just had a 10 day free period that reactivated all old accounts. Starcade is still being his usual self. Storylines are completable in a reasonable time period to keep track of what is going on. Asura has had a huge influx of people due to Reddit forming an LS there. I’m having the most fun with FFXI I have ever had.


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