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8 Responses to “{Treasure Coffer} {Found It!}”

  1. Calaera says:

    That moogle is so cute! ;o; I want to hug it…

  2. Maiev says:

    haha :) That’s actually my big moogle :D I got a tiny one too …
    that I hug for sleep :x

  3. Jowah says:

    I wish someone (besides Kerb <.<) send me stuff ;;;;;;;;;

  4. Etain says:

    I was absentmindedly sketching last week and doodled something that looked like Mai in your Dalm. :3 I’ll have to scan/upload it this weekend. XD

  5. Maiev says:

    post up :) hahaha I’d like to see what you came up with.. hopefully not dead or nekked

  6. Yuukino says:

    Glad to see you are enjoying your gift Mai. ^^
    Sorry it couldn’t be closer to your birthday, since that was the original purpose of it. So (late) Happy Birthday!!!
    I guess -.-

  7. Maiev says:

    Silly Yuuki xD I’m glad enough that I got a real-life present instead of virtual cookies :)

    Thanks <3 Court-tar-ney xD!

  8. Krafty (Fenrir) says:

    Many thanks for such a great BLU guide! it’s without doubt the best guide I have read and will certainly improve my /thf :)
    The time and effort you have put into this guide is very much appreciated.

    Kind Regards


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