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'WotG vs WoW BC Thoughts!'

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2 Responses to “WotG vs WoW BC Thoughts!”

  1. Calaera says:

    I like the casual content that WotG has brought to the table for FFXI. Then again, I’m a casual player of both MMOs so its really great for players like me. :x There isn’t much I could do in a short span unless I am in the past, or have to schedule every minute little thing I need to do… which isn’t fun when I just want to go on and DO something. Which was why WoW was great, but too bad it was killing my wrists and fingers… >_<;

  2. Beenie says:

    Ok… I read that you hate the cutscenes, one of the main points I like FFXI is the storyline and the CSs explain the story well. The entire final fantasy series is based on s storyline. Might as well play pokemon if all you think about in this game is just trying to get the best gear. Without a story behind it, your basically just playing mindlessly, fighting bosses and doing missions that you have no idea why it exists. Also the enitre FFXI population isn’t super hardcore. It’s more geard to the casual gamer, which is why more people play FFXI then WoW. Plus WoW takes like one week of non-stop playing to hit max level on a job, so its actually faster to level on WoW. Most of us have a life you know.


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