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'WoW's Arena PvP in FF Language'

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5 Responses to “WoW’s Arena PvP in FF Language”

  1. Calaera says:

    I thought about joining PvP for awhile, but I like being on PvE for now. ;\ Maybe I’ll try it out once I get my account activated again.

  2. Maiev says:

    hehe yea for sure. Its much more balanced and fun than random Ballista skirmishes.

    Its not a PvE server thing, all server can particpiate ^^

  3. Blade says:

    From Titan Server :)

    sorry I stumbled upon this place at work since alot of other sites are restricted ; ;

    I have gone to WoW from FFXI and back and again >_> so I kinda have an insight on the differences.

    to be honest I felt like you were just bashing alot on FFXI’s PVP >< You basically did a sidebyside comparison of WOW’s pvp ~ FFXI pvp.

    sorry if that is considered a negative comment

  4. Maiev says:

    Well, there’s no doubt FFXI, the game itself was not made for PvP. Its an adventure-type MMORPG, about the storyline and together achieving a goal. Its about playing together, the community.

    On the other hand, I think WoW more like… an Entertainment RPG. Its more about the fast pace and competitiveness. Not about Cut-Scenes but the gameplay and the game mechanics. The game was built with PvP in mind. It was meant to be PvP.

    So yea, I’d probably did bash on FFXI, but those are true facts. Not all jobs in FFXI have an equal opportunity of beating another job no matter how hard they try. Take for example, blue mage. If you burn all your cooldowns on most jobs, you’d probably still can’t beat them. Disseverment > Head Butt > Hysteric Barrage > Head Butt > Frentic Rip > Rince and Repeat, target would be dead before all your blinks wears off. Only requires you to press 5 buttons. In WoW, even a 3sec mage (Arcane/Fire) build still have trouble taking down any class. Presence of Mind, Arcane Power > Pryoblast > Fire Blast > CoC > Whatever’s up. You’d still have a hard time taking down any single class with correct PvP equipment.

    This post was meant to open people’s eyes to WoW’s gameplay. IMO sometime its nice to know about how other game works and what they got to offer xD. I was once a FFXI fanboy and hated WoW players, but honestly speaking I was hating it simply because I had emotional attachment to my virtual character in FFXI (yea, to data lol).

    I’m still trying to see for myself though ^^; I apologize for the bashing in the end, but I just hated PvP in FFXI and needed somewhere to vent. Not only I had arguments over it, but its horribly balanced. Its not fun period.

  5. Blade says:

    wow cool response (wasnt expecting of you to respond 3 in the morning xD)

    FFXI’s pvp was SUPPOSED to be a team oriented task to score points by tossing stones into rooks, but that got turned around quickly ._.

    WoW has Arena/WSG/AB etc.

    I do think WoW PVP > FFXI PVP in all aspects too so I dint mean to put a crinkle in your brow >_>

    now only if someone was able to give me an explanation on how Guild Wars =/= WoW PVP…

    (im to lazy to roll another character in wow to enjoy endgame pvp ><)


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