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2 Responses to “Epic Nyzle Floor 100 fight”

  1. Etain says:

    What I started doing for Nyzul boss floors, which seems to work, is not bothering to equip either TH items until we port up to 20/40/60/80/100 (need to grab an i.wing from the start chest, since you’ll lose TP when you swap in the knife). We have a slighty better than 50% drop rate with this (even if it is kind of a superstition ^^; ).

    40: 2/3
    60: 4/6
    80: 9/17
    100: 3/3

    (Didn’t bother keeping stats for 20, but we’ve gotten 17 pairs of shoes total since we started.)

  2. Sakurakun says:

    oh wow i wished i kept record of the number of attempts too, but i think remember how many drops we got (denali not entire sure before lvl 80):

    20: askar: 2, denali: 0, goliard: 2 = 4
    40: askar: 1, denali: 1, goliard: 2 = 4
    60: askar: 1, denali: 0, goliard: 0 = 1
    80: askar: 6, denali: 2, goliard: 1 = 9
    100: askar: 1, denali: 2, goliard: 3 = 4

    i dont think we spent that much time on floors pre-80. but i think i’ll ask to stay for my askar feet and legs in order to have a whole set when we repeat again.

    about the TH, im not sure what ravynne does about TH. Among our group, we have 4 ppl who can go THF, and among the 4, only 1 has TH4. personally i didnt see much of a change in drops when ravynne got her THF hands. but then again, we’re on ravynne’s disk, so we usually have her hit it and warp out.

    but dont ask me about the whole TH…idk if you retain TH if you do something like that. but when we use jingex’s disk, the results seems pretty much even in drops when we use ravynne or jingex’s disk. imo….TH3 to TH4 is like only a 1% difference >_>;;


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