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9 Responses to “DuckHUNT 3ds Linkshell Picture =)”

  1. Istari says:

    IE7 is so ugly… and there is nothing wrong with the back-dorm boys… >_>; At 4:30am there is nothing to watch on the Disney channel… no Hanna Montanna, or the Suite Life of Zac and Cody… or Cody in the House.. just a lot of infomercials for Girls Gone Wild :x

  2. Jackalman says:

    Hey Mai, sorry about Salvage last night — not your fault at all. Thanks for coming out, though, we’ll run tomorrow night for sure.

    Also, don’t worry about your prio, you’ll get it right back as soon as you are coming regularly again. We just didn’t know your status since you said you were taking an extended break from the game.

  3. Speck (Avatarati) says:

    Is the secret: “CGI Server Overload: Please Try Again?” >.> lol I got that once or twice.
    And what happened to the “prove you’re real” question? Some Galka Mnk’s kept getting confused?

    On a serious note,though – love the website :) Are you nakeeed up top? O.o

  4. Maiev says:

    @Speck: The chances of seeing it is random ^^ (the secret), but don’t try too hard! And.. yea LOL its Naked Taru that’s on the top xD, but there’s grass ^^ should be work safe! I’ve change the prove you’re real with something that even the blind can read! Clicking on the images allows you to download a file that reads them out to you xD~

    O.o didn’t know you read too! I just needed a mini break though, was kinda over it already but just needed someone to break the ice and the random post kinda… what kinda the stuff I needed lol….

    @Istari: Just die already xD

  5. Etain says:

    3ds breaks the transparencies on hair and the shinyz on the manteels. :X

    Looks good! Duckhunt needs more diversity in how your tarus look, though! XD

    Welcome back, btw. I am looking forward to ballading your SAM once again…!! ♥

  6. Istari says:

    只能愛你 :D

  7. Jackalman says:

    Well then let me officially welcome you back. ^^

    I love your blog because it’s one of the only ffxi-related sites that isn’t blocked at all my the school I teach at. Keep posting stuff to entertain me! ^^

  8. Daggy says:

    since when did DS become a browser o.o…and how… *pokes her pink one* @_@ lol…

  9. Maiev says:

    Daggy <3

    Nintendo DS Browser~

    Just like a game, slide it into your DS, turn on and surf! Its just a bit slow but nice if you have some free WiFi and wanna surf (I bring my DS around anyway)


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