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4 Responses to “Rapid Shot: Thought #1.”

  1. Trey says:

    Interesting read! Glad to hear you are back! You owe me an e-mail! I want to hear how you are doing! ^^

  2. VZX says:

    Lower bound of delay cut is about 50% (in my case test, it was 60%)
    not sure if you can get instant shot. If it can, then it must be faster than loxley bow, where your arrows land before the pulling animation ends

    Go go ranged haste on WotG

  3. Ashiya says:

    I would love to see ranged haste on WotG! Seriously though, SE needs to do something so Ranger can actually benefit from speed since pDiF advantage is kind of slowly diminished now with the new patch :/

    Do you include the aim time into the delay cut? I have had instance when I fire instantly after the aiming delay motion is done, very rarely this happens though. However, no where it could be as fast as Loxley Bow animation when rapid shot kicks in, so I don’t know if it cuts aim delay as well, or just shooting delay :/ I am stuck at choosing a variable to test now ;;

  4. VZX says:

    yeah, the delay from ranged weapon is counted from the first frame animation you pull the ranged weapon, until the mob HP start to depletes/name turned red (if you shoot it for the first time)


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