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5 Responses to “The power of Kraken Club Ranger.”

  1. SohJai says:

    I love KC+ Ranger at Greater Colibri Camp. I don’t recommend it for all camps. Ranger also have superb accuracy with KC even with 200 Club skills. Ranger at 70 get Accuracy bonus of +48. With full ACC setup for TP I can put on about +61 ACC gear with 65+20 DEX, 5% Haste. For my Tarutaru that gives a grand total of 351.5 Accuracy which is only 12 Accuracy lower than my 363.62 MNK/NIN with 5 h2h merits where I get 83% Accuracy on parser average in Greater Colibri camp with meat mithkabobs; a KC Ranger should be hitting near 80% with ACC setup. Ranger with KC eating meat is a lot more accurate than most people think.

    I think the best sub is WAR and WS at 50-70% on every monster depending on Minuet, Berserk and Dia II+ to drop it to 0% and probably not spam any earlier w/o Relic. This should still put you very high on output per monster and save you food. IMO sub NIN to WS any earlier would just leave you casting more blinks or doing lower WS earlier to lose more food or TP which in the long run actually make you weaker.

    Just my 2 cents. I will test out more RNG/WAR with KC when I get the chance.

  2. Ashiya says:

    I tried to use meats the other day and the accuracy was not too bad, especially when BRD usually sings Madrigal. With sushi I hit about 93% accuracy with BRD, so it maybe worth to try Coeurl Sub. The only thing I was concerned about was to give up some of the Haste gears such as Swift Belt, Walahra Turban, Byakko’s Haidate etc …

    However, honestly, everything I heard about putting Haste on Kraken Club usually is backed up by the reason of increasing returns on putting Haste in gears, but that is not necessarily the case for Kraken Club. I rarely see when the club stops hitting with Haste from mage only. And with the massive TP gain in a round, timing for pressing WS macro is not exact like with other jobs. There are times you stop at 99%, there are times you get over 100%. It makes precise comparison kind of hard to do, at least in practice.

    In that case, w/o relic, I would definitely try to eat meat and see how it goes. Another problem I could see is when you WS and mobs have like 10-15% HP left while other DDs are being … bad >_> You do really want the club to hit accurately at that time in order to unleash another WS to save yourself. A few hits by Colibri + a pecking flurry at a bad HP can make you go bye bye ; ; (which happened to me once).

    WAR sub is definitely what I will always do (well, I do cheat because of Namas which makes me go WAR more easily XD), but /NIN is kind of moot for the reason you said :D

    I want to run some parses for meat and sushi, but it is kind of hard seeing most of PTs I am in don’t last for too long for the parses to be meaningful :/ I hope I can poke some friends to PT with me for a week or so to make some good parses XD

  3. VZX says:

    self SC light with kraken, go go go

  4. Ashiya says:

    It is a rather fun experience, but I found out I missed more Namas in PT on Greater Colibri than Sidewinders XD Pretty weird … I blame the rate for the number of Namas I shoot though, I tend to shoot more Namas than Sidewinders in XP PT, and self light is just so much <3

  5. Insipid says:

    Hey, Im a KC Ranger on Fenrir server.. Im curious on what your gear setup is. Can you post it?


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