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'Polearm Samurai, Gimp or Buff?'

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5 Responses to “Polearm Samurai, Gimp or Buff?”

  1. jtaru says:

    But the double attack could on weaponskills

    and the -3% delay is messing up people who have bare minimum store-tp for 6-hit setup because of the reduced tp gain due to lower delay

  2. Maiev says:

    yea, was jus doing melee attack and dps in general, but you are right on that point :D, 1 DA kick in already outweight the -3% delay.

    seems like axe grip the way to go too, 3 str 3 atk :D

  3. jtaru says:

    If I were melee I don’t think I’d use Axe Grip…

    Claymore Grip for crit+3%

    Pole Strap for DA+2%

    Spear Strap for DEX+3

    Did I tell you that I had a thing for crits? lol…

    Now I want a pixie earring even more badly!

  4. Maiev says:

    Well, with the 1dex adjustment, we suddenly get a boost of crapload of acc and crit rate. A short party showed that my polearm samurai can easily cap 95% acc, so its kinda um…

    I think those grip are all nice, needs a lot of stats to see which one works out in the end cuz…

    Crit can crit melee dmg + ws
    DA can DA on melee dmg + ws
    Axe increases the base melee dmg + ws
    DEX can do melee crit + ws

    so yea… hard to choose, but preferences plays a big part atm until someone seriously did some parsing. I just happen to pick axe grips ;)

  5. Sakurakinomoto says:

    Personally, I would say DA grip > all in merit pt(parser wise) and for HNM related, Axe grip is better to maximize your ws dmg. If DA kicks in, it really boosts my dmg a lot in comparison to critical hits.

    For shit and giggles, I bought Platinum grip(+2 acc and Additional effect: stun) where the stun effect procs better than I thought (around 5%ish) based on my observation. Not sure if the HQ version is better. I use Soboro with a platinum grip and I think it’s a good combo.

    I don’t like the one with -3% weapon delay since it messes up my 6hit setup :(.

    In addition, since the update, I haven’t eaten sushi in merit pt lol. Meat is the way to go.

    Just my 2 cents.



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