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8 Responses to “Missions, Parrying and lots more!”

  1. Farkee says:

    MAievvvvvv!! too bad daggy quit or she can come play with us on Fenrir xD!!!! maybe we can make her play with us o_o!!

  2. Maiev says:

    I hope she haven’t quit yet XD!
    <3 you Farkee :)

  3. °_°; amagad Mai!! not only you left a nice comment on my baby blog… I even get to be advertised on your awesome LJ ; ; /head explodes with joy

    If this server swap thingy isn’t way too complicated maybe I’ll give a try lol :P I’m still kinda newb so I’m probably not gonna lose too much if I start over on fenrir (*’-‘) lotsa cool people on your server! buuut, poor Ciermel I can’t steal her name XD /mumble I’ll start thinking of a new one >.>

  4. Maiev says:

    lol ;o didn’t purposely write you :), it just happen to be a… erm.. interesting topic!!

    on the side note =P I like reading new adventures blog, reminds me of my good old times :), kinda nice to hav a blog to record your whole ffxi journey :) imo, wish i did that back then XD

  5. Etain says:

    zomg you updated… it’s gonna snow!

    Oh wait, it already did here. Dammit. :D

  6. jtaru says:

    ROFL AT EMO!!!!

    dude there’s this kid that started posting on my blog that’s pretty emo…

    now he’s flaming me cuz he needs a boost in ego! shitty deal for him

  7. Maiev says:

    sorry was so busy irl :O I’ll be making an onion post later :)

  8. Jowah says:

    Thank you for the world-transfer thing about me, and the help you gave me again in past days. And still I need to male you brown dat – -;;;;;
    Vrs won’t work anymore on my machine and I’m waiting a new comp.


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