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8 Responses to “A LM-17 for CC? /w Email from SE”

  1. Jowah says:

    Wow. I hope i don’t find this kind of surprise when i log.
    I currently pay 3 accounts and might go for a 4th…..and really, why SE is so gay about it ? -.-

  2. Maiev says:


    If you can still login u wern’t flagged. I wasn’t flagged. Maybe multiple CC + China IP = Flagged :D

    and really thanks for droppin by Jowah =) I miss jowah’s appearance XD

  3. Kind of off-topic I suppose, but I wonder why Square Enix is so hellbent on showing the servers in the order they were activated instead of alphabetically. I reside on Unicorn, and I know I’m around halfway down, but yeah.. doesn’t make much sense.

    SE Logic™ strikes again!

  4. Starcade says:

    Two things:

    1) I don’t know how much of that mention is a compliment or an insult, but I can guess… ;)

    2) Especially with the message you have on the screencap, LM-17 is a ludicrous thing to do for that — by definition, the account would be gone.

  5. Maiev says:


    dude, i LOVE your blog, ever since GM dave’s blog humor kinda died, I’ve always wanted to look for something more unique! and ur like right there :D

    I mean… your blog content causes an impact no? XD so the ZOMG is just how I’d describe it ;) (at least u get a title named after u on bg :O!)

  6. Maiev says:

    @Kimiko v2

    Hay ty for droppin by again :)

    I think its all part of SE in making the game difficult! their support for PS2 logic is already so hard to comprehend, then there’s broken code randomly, or non-intentional random fixes or unfixes XD

    & read your appreciation entry :) and thanks for doing da same XD

  7. Daggy says:

    Whaa I don’t get it really *so complicated for her little mind* :(

  8. Starcade says:

    Just was wondering… :)


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