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'CoP Airship + Parrying Skillupz!'

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8 Responses to “CoP Airship + Parrying Skillupz!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Nice Maiev helping others as usual! \o/
    Evoker ring *_* I still have to obtain fenrir tho, and Im almost 60 smn lmao x_x
    Primes are (Easy prey), 3 to go and I’ll try finding a pt for that big doggy :3

  2. Jowah says:

    and lol, I started to make a deadtaru screenshot pack for you.

  3. Reiginsei says:

    Hey Mai. Paary skill up is horrid huh? Mine is sickeningly gimp and getting a 0.1 every 7 days isnt fun :P

    Pirated HD=DVD allready! LOL

    And btw, that EU ls blog is the home of my lovely linkshell Europa! ^^

  4. Maiev says:

    Reply to Jowah:
    lol deadtaru screenshot pack heh :)

    Reply to Reiginsei:
    OMG ur EU? I didn’t know that :x didn’t know that you are in that LS either :)
    OKAY :) I know where to look for a place to stay if I goto the real London ^^

  5. Jilliana says:

    Parry skillups >:|

    Something you might want to try (maybe you already do) is instead of subbing war for defender, sub blu and use cocoon for even more defense. With rdm fast cast traits it should be ready to use again before it wears off.

    A different way to raise parry/shield that I’ve found that I love is Chigoe! They seem to have a 95% accuracy rate, no matter what your evasion is, so less hits are evaded, plus they attack really fast, and double/triple quite often. Damage is also less than the onions in B.tree so you typically take less than 10 even on the high level ones that are spawned from marids out in woodlands. The chigoe from those marids are lv.72-77 and *should* be able to cap rdm parry and shield, just need to get a friend to help spawn them for you, face them, and engage a monster far away so you don’t accidentally crit and kill your skillup dispenser :D

  6. Mikedee says:

    Parry :/
    I was going to level NIN to 75 and hope I get to the RDM parry cap on the way > >;;;

    Blue colored skills always make me happy…(Divine….damn you).

  7. Maiev says:

    Reply to Jilliana:

    First of all :) thx for droppin by

    I’ve tried /blu, infact, I’ve leveled blu for that reason, but I found….
    Cocoon wears off every minute :(

    with /war defender, and phalanx lasting 3 minute (both are), I can cast phalanx, defender, look away for a minute (or go pee), come back and only be missing 200-300hp.

    I can even look away from the screen and do some readings, cast a cure4 every minute. but with cocoon, you must stare at the screen almost all day. you get around 50 more def bonus, works out to be around 6-7 dmg reduction overall… but I guess if you are doing it for over 6-7 hours, /war defender would be easier for you, at least for me, so I can surf and not worry about dead or recast cocoon that frequently

    Speaking of Chigoes, I’ve tired them, they won’t level after 180, but then when I wanted to try em, I was already 180 so I didn’t know if they were good or not :< i heard a lot of people level it that way, even Tsunade cap his shield on it! speaking of engaging monster differently =P (or far away) I do that :), in fact that's what I do^^ hehe, cure bomb ftw! (was 2boxing a whm to cure for tat reason, press cure5 every minute, back to academic readinsg :)

  8. Lanal says:

    heyyyyy just want to let u know this u got an awsome site, im getting really anxious to play ffxi again once im done school, if u got time want to talk on msn or something i really want to hear how it is now days since i have not been on from August 2006.
    well if u dont thats cool too ill just stalk u on ur site >:D


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