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7 Responses to “WoW: Wiped at 0.06398%”

  1. Jackalman says:

    Just correcting your math, since it is the title of your post, after all. 14397/22499000 = 0.0006398951, BUT when you convert that into a percent (*100), it’s actually 0.06398951%. So yeah, it’s still a tiny percentage, but still…

  2. Maiev says:


    haha thanks for correction.. zomg i fail at math XD

  3. Mikedee [Spikeflail Cenarius] says:

    Lol, especially in a pug that hurts! =X

    Wow at the JP Button (buddon as I would say)…People not being prepared is a huge problem in WOW too. There’s a addon the raid leaders use to see who isn’t Flasked up or Feed Well (I bring Fish Feast to the table, err floor of course).

    I think the biggest problem with the FFXI Meds (from what I remember), is that they take way too long to use (from what I saw). Other than food, I had maybe one vile exiler one me incase of an emergency. Now I have 20 Runic Mana, 10 Runic Health, 10 Frostwyrm 5 Mojo Flasks and 40 Fish Feast.

    I think WOW is a little bit more friendly with Meds than FFXI is (I just hate that, 1 use per battle…O well, Thunderstorm is my friend).

  4. Maiev says:


    haha wow you’re still around!

    and i hav to agree WoW is a little too casual… that sometimes I’m not even as punctual and prepared as I wanted it to be. and I think i can speak for alot of people.

    nice tip ont he plugin to check flask :D i never knew

    and meds… the FFXI version doesn’t even make sense. takes 2sec to use a hi-potion for 100hp, and after that 2sec, you’ve already taken a hit… they should just do the wow version. instant use but 2min penalty before next use. it’d been much more practical XD

    just my 2c and ya nice to see u hanging around again xD

  5. Kimiko says:

    Geeeze, how do you deal with all that menu clutter in WoW? Such a messy-wessy screen! =P~

  6. Etain says:

    @Kimiko- My screens are purtier. :3


  7. Maiev says:


    You’re just a WoW nerd to begin with XD


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