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5 Responses to “Blu Blu Blu Chain5 1034exp!”

  1. Calaera says:

    I totally hate the inability to add people globally, too. It drives me nuts when I’m in a different zone and have to wait for someone to zone in or have to go them to add them to party. I also miss mini-map too sometimes. Made it easier than to continually bring up the damn map in game. ~.~;

  2. Maiev says:



    Support 3rd party program and plugins! There are a tons of stuff on Windower forum XD to do all this WoW function! It’s just if you feel comfortable loading up an array of addons and 3rd party stuff that could get your ass kicked XD

  3. Jackalman says:

    1034 xp from 1 mob is amazing — I’ve been trying to figure that out. Do xp rings stack? W/ Anniversary Ring or Kupofried’s Ring (100%), which you obviously used, that mob’s base xp given to you would be 517… I had no idea that was possible. Even if you were /COR and used xp roll (which I doubt you did) and had astral candescence bonus (I’m sure you did)… well I didn’t know the upper limit of xp from 1 mob went so high.

    I’m not implying anything, btw. I’m sure I’m just ignorant since I would not be able to solo 1 imp, let alone the 6 in a row needed to get to chain #5, so I don’t have any concept of how much xp that should normally yield. I’m just floored. ^^

  4. Maiev says:


    XP ring don’t stack, but I did use Anniversary ring, which is a 100% bonus.

    An average imp gives a nice 250-350 for a solo person, a little less if duo-ed. Then multiply astral candences bonus and chain bonus, which gives roughly 50% + 10% more, then finally the XP ring, which is 100% more.

    It takes some luck too though, out of 10 tries, I was only able to get 2 that is over Chain 1k. Got to get the Lv75 Imps, since most are just Lv74 Imps XD.

    Howz Salvage? XD miss Mai emoing? LOL

  5. Jackalman says:

    That’s amazing xp — I had no idea it was possible! That makes the idea of soloing so much more enticing (if you can do stuff like that).

    lol, Salvage is good. Completed 260ish pieces to date, and 2 night ago we finally got our 3rd pair of Mach’a Slops (yup, the first since yours XD). Those went to Olorin and completed his set. We’re up to 3 complete Marduk sets (Jingex, Jackalman, Sakurakun), 2 complete Morrigan sets (Maiev, Olorin), 2 complete Ares sets (Yugureame, Suikoden), 1 complete Skadi set (Darkdesign), and 4 complete Usukane sets (Cloudstah, Keiffa, Estonias, Kiy). Then there are people who have complete sets but didn’t get all the pieces in Lagsave, like Mikeyh (Ares), Balak (Morrigan), Niiro (Usukane), Ravynne (Morrigan), and possbly more that I don’t know about.

    So things are going pretty well. ^^b Alexandrite is still a huge obstacle. I have almost 4.5K myself; Olorin has 5.5K or so from us, plus a bunch more he has bought; Cloudstah has like 4K or so; Slycer has maybe 2K. Add that all up and it’s barely more than half a mythic after collecting it for nearly a year since they added it to the game. ;; If I don’t start buying some (lol no income), I’ll take almost 6 years to finish my mythic…


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