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'Maiev Soloed Fenrir & Kraken Club Fun!'

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9 Responses to “Maiev Soloed Fenrir & Kraken Club Fun!”

  1. Sum says:

    I got 6300 in the benchmark :( Still disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend any of the limbo :(. You left out the 2nd kirin run :)

  2. Jowah says:

    Duh I have that WPMU installed somewhere in my host too, but seems my server doesn’t like it so much and I have to edit databases entries manually for the main script ;(

    Gratz for your solo fenrir XD

    And thank you for your PC advices :*
    I already asked for some pieces and maybe I can got em for x-mas.
    probably ASUS mobo, AMD dual core+1giga block for now.
    Can pump to 2gb in a month or two :3
    What do you think my dear geek friend ? :D

  3. Maiev says:

    Reply to Sum:
    I did left it out >< I typed this post um while we had the 1 hour afk @ kirin hehehehehehe :) but wtf do you have to score 6300 :O how is your 2box experience and setup :O! mebbe I need to upgrade vid cards again >< Note: Sum's website is http://duckls.ca <-- eh? new domain? XD Reply to Jowah:

    thx! and ya lets get everyone to help you out with PC’s XD

    And ya everyone, help suggest goodie hardware for Jowah :) She wants an {Incredibly Tough} PC!

  4. Jowah says:

    I will try bench with my current pc setup.
    I wanna laugh!

  5. Sum says:

    haha, Opps. It was late when I typed it and I was wondering to myself when I typed the url. :( Yup, I got 6300 because of my vid card )7900gt but it’s a bit out dated now. oo yah, congrats on fenrir solo

  6. Scragg says:

    nice work on fenrir maiev, looking forward to vid :p

  7. Hey ther… nice job on Fenrir. I figured you just made people GTFO out of the BC with Fenrir at 5%. My LS did this at a KS99, making everyone exit after the Behemoth went down, leaving only the one guy left inside to get the record.

    I was wonder, where might I find that font you use ingame? I think I’ve seen it in other places as well, but can’t seem to locate the download for it.


  8. Maiev says:

    Reply to Ash:
    O.O I never knew u blog on berrie’s server too :) hay

    I found my UI mods on Brandson’s Livejournal, its an all-in-one UI mod (more window pattern, letters, bazaar bags). The link below would lead you there


    Reply to Scragg:
    almost done!! XD but too bad my pc lags, i can’t hav fraps 24/7 on during bc, else I’d loose the fight like my 1st run :<

  9. Strawberrie says:

    Looking forward in seeing your video!


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