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13 Responses to “Istari’s Love along with a GuessWho Merge!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Lol signed sha’ir…..i wish I had one signed by you :(
    And people are really lame selling and buying them back to remove the sign. Actually…….I often camp AH trying to buy those item @low prices, hoping that someone put em @low price. (getting a manteel for 1k…lol!)

    My Rss should be ok I think. I dont know i think i messed up with a FB plugins last week.
    Tell me if you have any probs.

  2. jtaru says:

    hmm how many peacock charms did you get in how many runs? :)

  3. Maiev says:

    Reply to Jowah:

    I’d even help you get one! *just ask Zimph for a free cloth*, hehe Zimph’s a nice guy, I’m sure he’d find a way to get you a cloth :)

    and ya if I reply to ur blog, ur RSS work :) I’m just lazy to click a billion blogs now :D

    Reply to jtaru:

    Roughly 500 seals, roughly 14 runs, I’d say pretty good, we did it on Full Moon :O!

  4. Mikedee says:

    Wow @ Manteel…I’m sorry. That’s like…And he did it so quick

    I have 300 seals in my mog house, I want to do the BC but have no time :3 (I have Kimble asking me to go every night)

    OMG I need to spread the word! FFVI for GBA~ You can revive someone…well 2 people, Rachel isn’t one (/tears)

  5. jtaru says:

    oo vent server… maybe i’ll join in later :P

  6. Etain says:

    Sha’ir Manteels make me emo.

  7. Tyrn says:

    Someone mentioned to me that Maiev is bashing me on the blog so here I am to check it out. My problem is not with GuessWho, I loved the shell. My problem is when your friends treat you like dirt. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Mikedee says:

    Etain makes me emo. (I stil haven’t beaten .hack GU pt 1 ;))

  9. Maiev says:

    Reply to “Manteel Emoers”:

    I think its the most f-ed up item in game, I’d be ok if the cloth was purchased, the fact that it needs to go through a desynthesis is f-king lame!

    Reply to Tyrn:

    imo, since you are the ls creator, you do have the power to do things, i think you need to exercise those power instead of just making a post, create a pearl and drag people out and hope they come along. That’s avoiding rather than solving the actual problem. Just my 2 cents too.

  10. Etain says:

    Mikedee: I’m right before the last battle, level 49, but I still have a ton of sidequests and such to do.

    Probably would’ve finished the game by now if I hadn’t of gotten sidetracked by WoW again. (-.o;

  11. Maiev says:



  12. Smeck says:

    I know this was a long ass time ago, but I didn’t mean any disrespect by removing your name off the manteel. I was selling it because I was quitting and the person buying it didn’t want the sig. sorry :(

  13. Maiev says:


    Hehe I’m glad you found yourself here :D You’d probably google yourself :D

    It’s ok long time ago, no grudge! Anger/Grudge in FFXI, we’ll keep it in FFXI and keep it in the past ;D

    Just keep rolling :D Though it’d be nice hehe, to I guess ask, cuz some people like me do put a little bit emotion to “digital” date. Can call me a loser though hehe!


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