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5 Responses to “Bijuo, Enfeebling Research!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Ok, I don’t know anything about your friend Bijuo and what is going on. Simply I can’t believe this, and it’s really lame.
    And the worst thing is he did that AGAIN………. and the fact he’s actually her husband x_x

    I was tempted to delete several LVL99 Ragnarok Online character once (from the same account,a former bf of mine who left me via SMS) but IMHO it’s kinda childish and stupid…..and useless.

    I agree saying that you CANNOT do this even if it’s for some revenge or else.


  2. Ashiya says:


  3. jtaru says:

    ouch, deleted characters hurt a lot… =

  4. mirith says:

    Aww my previous LS leader ended up leaving like that, his girlfriend deleted his character not once but twice… which means no possibility of restore =/ Some people are happy to come back and play another account/character, but I think I could never do it. Too much attachment on my taru!

    I’m looking forward to the James Bond movie, can’t wait to see it! Too bad Aussies gotta wait an extra few weeks before it opens~ Grrr it happens everytime. Gotta tell LS mates in US/UK to keep their mouths shut hehehe

  5. Maiev says:

    Reply to mirith, Jowah:

    Yea, deleting sutff are mad gay, especially that isn’t urs and hurry go watch James Bond movie! its pretty good.


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