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6 Responses to “Jowah’s Cross-server love!”

  1. Etain says:

    That was a bad besieged for me too- ate Sis Kebabi instead if Bream Sushi like I normally do when I melee, and wound up whiffing a ton. ;-; And hey, my partner in crime, Falconfire, was on his 41 Dragoon during that one- at least I was on a 75 job!

    I have pics from that one too, when I get my powercable for my laptop fixed, replaced, I’ll post them up. :3

    Now that WHM’s club skill is capped, you’ll probably see me meleeing as BRD/NIN. XD Just too bad I don’t have quite as sweet of a melee set-up for that job as I do WHM… ~_^

  2. jtaru says:

    cyril’s magic is always awesome

  3. Maiev says:

    Reply to Etain:
    SOO am i goin see some whm meleeing out the NM’s? I’ll make sure to come drop by watch next time.

    Reply to jtaru:
    amazing! i wonder wut’d he do next! :D

  4. mirith says:

    Gogo Gadget! Mai you’re officially the king of USB gadgets hahaha And you have a nice view out your window. Wanna swap? All I gots is a nice look into my neighbours overgrown garden hehe

    Congrats on 4 months! Your blog is very inspirational :) You’ve got a great mix of everything here~ I’d like one day for my blog to be similar, but for now I’m just learning!

    Oh and your grandma video reminded me of this one I saw the other day hehe…

  5. Jowah says:

    I will stay longer next time! Probably this end of week whoa! And you’ll have your signed chocolate one day xD


  1. […] yeah, Maiev may have snagged a screenshot of me meleeing as whm during besieged, but he missed me getting Mijin Gakure’d right before I was about to Hexa Strike a […]

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