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5 Responses to “Mai the Drama Queen, lolDaede”

  1. Littlewinwin says:

    I come alrdy~~ support*” \^0^/

  2. Alexanderz says:

    lolwtfomgbbq GM.

  3. Jowah says:

    LOLZ first pic :D And i’ve got a dead taru pic only for you in my latest post XD

    Ahahah i love lurking in my admin log. I will request AwStats in next days to my hoster so I can monitor better visits and referals, now I’m only using counterize :(

  4. jtaru says:

    makes me wonder what server you’re on when some of those screenshots are from rangarok

    majestic crafted that dalmatica +1 for angelfish a few weeks ago when they got the abjuration from aspidochelone

    and i remember cely talking about that cerberus, i don’t think i was there for that one because it was in the middle of the night, another LS wiped and we claimed after they all died but they got mad and called gm on us because they wanted to kill it, for what? lolalgol? :( sore losers

    ps, that LS wiped to cerberus at 97% before too!

  5. Maiev says:

    Reply to jtaru:
    hehe im genuine Fenrir ^^; its jus that I like to roam around looking / reading other server’s blog on livejournal and server forums for interesting stuff :D

    middle of being jealous but also witness how some people can be real insane with the game ‘-‘w

    Reply to Jowah:
    ya u find out amazing things from awstats, and hehe to dead talus :O! they are shoo innocent when their face is on the floor with the fat butt facing upwards XD


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