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'The "Salv-Dupe" like banning in WoW'

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8 Responses to “The “Salv-Dupe” like banning in WoW”

  1. Kimiko says:

    That’s just insane that an item such as that even exists in the game to begin with. =/ But seriously though, an honest player should have reported the error right away and gotten the situation corrected. Even if it was an error on Blizzard’s part, we should all be accountable for our own actions.

  2. Pyra says:

    That’s so funny. Its wrong though that they suspended the entire guild for 24 hours.

    Although the interview on wow insider is interesting. http://www.wowinsider.com/2009/04/30/the-martin-fury-scandal-karatechop-reveals-all/ … Read the comments, looks like WoW has their own Starcade (look for poster SaintStryfe).

  3. Maiev says:

    That’s just more damning to me. He knows if he took it to PVP, he could have been fingered much faster. People would report him right and left.

    He didn’t keep it private, his achievements were there for everyone to see.

    If I find a gun on the ground and shoot someone with it, I can’t turn around and say “It’s not my gun.”

    It doesn’t matter how he got the shirt, he used it for unfair advantage in the game. He violated the EULA and deserves this. I feel bad for his guildies but they haven’t lost anything giant – a few quarters for the days’ service. that’s all. This was Karate’s choice and he chose immorally and incorrectly.

    @Pyra LOL I like that guy. Well the difference is he didn’t just pick up the gun. Kind of like he went to Jail, he got out of Jail, return his wallet, all his personal belongings PLUS a gun.. Well.. the police gave him a gun. I mean.. if it was you giving me a gun I’d report it.. but the police? Haha. They probably want me to do something with it :D

  4. Pyra says:

    I like his quoting of vague text in the ToS…. “(iii) Anything that Blizzard considers contrary to the “essence” of the Game. “, then says how the person in question “clearly violates” this section.

    The more I read, the more I see his writing style to be so close to Starcade.

    I’m not saying that the guy who did this is innocent. I don’t think he deserved a perma-ban. His guildies who were not there did not deserve what they got.

  5. Maiev says:


    Yea :o its the same argument as Salv ban :o but still… I don’t know, I know it’d be temping :O but we should self police ourselves, not up to the police.


    Haha I saw that one, Starcade always makes me laugh, especially how his article hits BG from time to time. Maybe Starcade is the people that we need to keep FFXI moving (for a change), someone that like … a hater :D.


  6. Pyra says:

    I thought about that once. That maybe Starcade is actually needed in the game, as someone for everyone to hate.

    I also noticed that he had a rank named after him on BG for a while.

  7. Maiev says:


    Starcade is exactly what will make FFXI better. I personally is one of those people that are burnt out, and just don’t have the energy to even make it better…

    Starcade however, pushes the game by expressing for people who already are burnt out / hate the game (including myself). He does express from time to time, what I want to say (just that I didn’t put it into words).

    Of course the FFXI fan base or addict (which I once was), will hate Starcade, but to be honest, Starcade’s opinion does IMO represent a lot of people, and we need people that got the guts to make noise and improve the game by speaking amazingly loudly of the horrible shit about FFXI.

    And yea, I even have an Icon to his blog, its a crying Taru LOL :D

  8. Yups says:

    When I played WoW (and I played for 2 years), I was not a hardcore player of the game.I did not know about achievements and stuff. I wasn’t even aware that some bosses were THAT hard to beat.

    If I had been given such an item, I probably wouldn’t have realized it’s absolute potential (i.e. all the exploits I could do with it and the huge advantage I would get over other layers).
    I probably would had thought that this item would allow me to get nothing more than some purple loot and that it was intentional compensation by blizzard for the stuff I lost after being hacked.

    I would also had assumed that there is some security code in the item so that I can not earn extra-powerful loot or any achievements by using it (i.e. NPCs killed with it would have been prevented to drop the most powerful loot such as orange or the most powerful of purple weapons and armor).

    And frankly, I would have never thought such a mistake could had been possible by Blizzard.

    I don’t know, maybe I would had been really naive (can’t speak for Karatechop as I don’t know him) and maybe a punishment was in order. But I don’t blame the guy, and perma-ban is out of line. WAAAAAAAY out of line!

    I know the time you spend and stuff you earn in the game are not considered your property and you can’t put a price on it. You can spend 1 year trying to get an item, and in the end that item still has a value of $0. Those are the rules. And playing does not count as work. You don’t get a refund if your stuff is deleted. I agree with those rules.
    The point is to play and have fun, not to achieve something (don’t mix fun and work) and if you don’t get that then maybe you shouldn’t be playing.

    But Karatechop did buy the game and perhaps the expansions, and a perma-ban prevents him from using the game he paid for. Seeing as this perma-ban is unfair, he is being stolen of his money.

    That is, assuming buying the game and playing on blizzard’s servers go hand in hand. All players know that Blizzard has a rule that says “the game can only be played on OUR servers, even if you bought the CDs”.
    If that rule stands, then they are unfairly preventing Karatechop from using something he paid for.

    But what if that rule is bogus and has no legal value? (i.e. blizzard can not force you to play on their servers only).
    Blizzard claims you don’t own the content on the CDs. That is true, you don’t have rights over the intellectual property. So you can’t give copies of the game to people.
    But from a legal standpoint, you do own the right to use the content on the CDs. By purchasing a software, you buy the right to use it. No rule made by the company can change that. In fact, some contracts are considered invalid and void even if both parties agree to them. An example of this is “no pets” rules when renting a house. In some states/countries, even if the contract you signed says you can’t have pets, well you still can. The law automatically cancels this part of the contract.
    So just because blizzard made a rule and you agreed to it doesn’t mean the rule is valid.

    In other words, it is legal to play on private servers. In fact I remember a player fought in court against blizzard for the right to play on a private server or host such a server, and won).

    Bottom line: Karatechop can still play on private servers. I hope he does that. Blizzard don’t deserve his monthly subscription.

    Let’s face it, the perma-ban is just meant to make Karatechop look like the bad guy. Blizzard has a reputation to defend with regards to WoW. Their reputation as admins is poor already.
    Imagine if they admitted their share of the guilt: players would go crazy “You guys gave a player a GM item?? Are you that stupid?? He abused the game and ruined it for everyone by your fault!!!!”.
    Blizzard’s solution is to make Karatechop look guilty of the whole thing for failing to report the mistake. That way he gets all the blame and blizzard doesn’t look guilty of a major incident.


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