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'Duoing Limbo and FFXIAH Devs.'

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13 Responses to “Duoing Limbo and FFXIAH Devs.”

  1. jtaru says:

    I really wish I had the patience to write my own layout for WP, unless there’s an easier way to design layouts than manually typing them D:

    also, I saw a trailer for tenacious D the last time I was at the theatres! that movie looks awesome. definately going to watch that!

  2. Ciermel says:

    CORRECTIONS! My ninja is level 26 not 13 FYI ^^. and yeah Crimson Mask level 40 RDM….. gayness.

  3. Maiev says:

    Reply to jtaru:

    You can simply goto wordpress’s theme site here and find yourself one and upload it to your theme folder ‘-‘ its really simple XD. If you can, find one that’s widgetized! Makes moving stuff around sidebar like a piece of cake!

    Reply to the top 2 poster:

    You two are stalker, I press the post button and I see a reply, either you uses RSS, or you are a professional stalker :<. But don't get me wrong :D I don't mind, I feel loved (the weird way)!

  4. Ueda says:

    Hey Maiev, How can I get a cool looking in game interface like yours in this image


    I like the text, it’s so sharp and clean looking, tell me how ;_;

  5. Maiev says:

    Reply to Ueda:

    Sumny’s hot heh ‘-‘ ok to the real topic.

    How it works is, people recompile the dats with different font so basically, you are replacing dat files to get that effect.

    The file includes two types of things, font and windows, you know those “pattern” on your chat log? Well brandson got a few nice ones too ^^

    Can SE find out? Not until they install stuff like WoW (The Warden). My database is madly modded ‘-‘ As you see even my dalmatica is modded XD

    You can download the dats here. Its a direct mirror from brandson’s blog (the official blog). As always, scan it, then drag the whole ROM folder into your Program Files….. Final Fantasy XI / directory. You must be logged out to POL to do this because the mod affects the icons when you login too.

  6. Ashiya says:

    Screw Duo Core, AMD 64 ftw XD loaded your FFXI AH history in 8 secs XD

  7. Jowah says:

    GMs can’t find you out for modding dats unless…you start publishing screenshots like we all do xD
    I can firmly say that if any GM finds out you have modded your client’s dats he won’t do nothing.
    Why? You don’t improve any game feature (like fleetool or fishing bots do), you just change the “look ‘n feel” of YOUR game.
    Otherwise sites like ffxidats and famous modders would be wiped/erased in no time, don’t you think?
    I’ve been a GM on Ragnarok Online Europe once (euRO) and this is what both me and my colleauges tought about this.

  8. Jowah says:


    VISTA! I want it so badly. My PC is slowly dieing and I’m waiting its release to buy a brand new dell computer for playing. I’m saving money :D

    Even your fraps won’t work. Then I tried to install it on my laptop and it worked. Copied fraps folder from laptop to main pc. And still won’t work.
    And I can’t play on lap coz it sucks in both vcard and ram XD


  9. Etain says:

    You people and your Windows. *shakes head* To quote Little Gamers, “Windows has no users. It has hostages.” XD

    Need to get a new Powerbook Pro so I can dual-boot in Windows AND OSX. Windows for FFXI and Modelviwer, OSX for everything else. :3

  10. Etain says:

    Jowah, DIE+ING = DYING. (‘_^b)

  11. Maiev says:

    Reply to Jowah:

    Ugh!~ You were a GM before, I have a feeling you’re a spy! XD j/k. So you were a GM in Ragnarok Online and Jowah’s on Ragnarok’s server, um.. coincident? Or ‘-‘. btw did I ever say I <3 ur English? XD its kinda brings another atmosphere when reading your stuff XD

    Reply to Etain:

    I’ve been a long Windows user ‘-‘ I don’t know if I’d ever really fall in love with a Mac. My school got some Macs that I use for designs but I really never liked them.. the control and other stuff just isn’t working for me x_x. Mebbe I’ll buy a Mac mini just for a try. Worst case, an emulator and put a Windows XP over it XDDD. Btw nice layout on ur blog :3, I keep thinking blogger needs login to post comment :<

  12. Jowah says:

    Ahahaha I’m no spy (i think o.o)
    I joined Ragnarok coz i had friends there (Michael, his brother and others, but @that time he wasn’t my bf yet xD)
    Actually i had some friends on Fairy too, but almost all of them are powerplayers and i dont like that.

    AND LOLZ for my english xD
    Actually i can say i’ve never studied grammar at school, I have just watched tons of movies in english, played videogames, and been abroad

  13. Maiev says:

    Damn yo, if you learn all that english from just watching movies and games, you’re pretty good with learning languages XD

    hay =P at least we all understand each other AND your blog too XD


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