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'WoW: Alli Trash Rapes E-Life Funeral'

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12 Responses to “WoW: Alli Trash Rapes E-Life Funeral”

  1. Eeto says:

    omg you took a screenshot of strawberrie. That bitch!! I partied with her two days ago, she checked my gear and said my gear’s CHEAP!! Easily obtained!

    Just had a K.club, 2 sniper+1 rings, p.charm with the rest best buying gear at that time. The total cost of gear I bring to lvl my WAR is over 160m and she said my gear’s cheap!

    My eyes are on fire ANY moment i see her name. You better charge her a premium in crafting cost for her making this comment!

  2. Maiev says:

    Um……. /point GrimDaddy!
    I heard something similar too…

  3. Ueda says:

    I wouldn’t raid the funeral, no sir, I feel bad for the guild that got ambushed, that was a horrible thing to happen to them, people need to be more respectful in a situation where a real persons life has been taken away.

  4. Alexanderz says:

    It’s pretty stupid to raid a funeral … anyway, I am one of the DotA maker :) if you need any playing suggestion, you can ask.

  5. Maiev says:

    NOWAI! u serious? :O
    wutz ur name on b.net, mines SohMaiev@USWest, go add and play someday XD, i hav a bunch of friends that play regularly! XD

    at least its nice to know u guys hav a nice heart even for ppl behind the keyboard XD

  6. Reiginsei says:

    When I heard about this I just thought…

    “Reallly, WoW is the Douche of MMO”

    Great links and GL on the papers ^^

  7. Jowah says:

    Omg! Hello there =D
    I was browsing some friend’s links for boredom and came across star onion portal. And now I see you’re using the same template I’m working on for my new version xD! *dies* ..i guess I have to consider to choose a different one xD;
    I’ll lurk and comment your blog °°!

  8. mirith says:

    WoW really has a totally different ‘community’ than FFXI. Thats the kind of crap they do to get their jollies. I did play on WoW for a while, but it was on a PvE.. which perhaps is a little more friendly? I don’t think I’d ever consider playing on PvP… especially after reading that.

  9. Maiev says:

    its very nice to hear ppl actually ‘-‘ would not go through these type of stuff:O

    Reply for Reiginsei:
    paper1 was ok, paper2 :( i forgot to submit my proposal and 25% deduction from final product ; so damn pissed today ;;

    Reply for Jowah:
    Aw Mai Gawd! Talu Dark Knight!~ thx for delurking droppin by ^^; XD

    Reply for mirith:
    ya i hav to agree FF’s kinda cooler, I’d rather have a person who 24/7 FF than a 24/7 WoW who spends his whole day PvPing and go raid funerals ‘-‘

  10. Alexanderz says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t play in USWest. I live in Asia and I met IceFrog by a chance in the Internet. lol so, I am helping them making this for a while. You can see my name in the credit screen, pressing F9 in the DotA and then credit section. My name is eva00r. I usually play in the Asian gateway.

  11. Jowah says:

    PVP ruins games. I’ve never liked it, i like having fun with friends in MMORPGS, not going around and kill others. (I may say HELPING killing other due my obsession to choose support-type characters)

    And more than this i hate POWERPLAYERS. I know that most of us love playing 24/7 on FFXI, but FFXI’ PWP is a lot different.
    ….attacking during this funeral is just…lame and bastard. People should learn respect.

    If i where a GM i would ban them for a while.

  12. Ueda says:

    Yeah all last night was pretty much WoW and watching Casino which I’d never seen before, all I do is level ninja anyways, also im EU so i don’t stay up *too* late, only to like 12 EST mostly which is 5 AM for me, yup


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