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14 Responses to “[Video] Playing the Blues”

  1. Strawberrie says:

    Your guide is perfect. BTW, What log parser are you using Maiev ? Can you please give me the link ? Thank you !

  2. Maiev says:

    I downloaded off this website

    Be warned, don’t openly discuss you are parsing in parties, maybe SE can scan chat logs and catch you, always assume what you say in FF can be monitored.

    This thing basically “reads your chat log”, so if you want to parse other people, you must be able to see other people’s damage on your chat log :3 hope it helps XD

  3. Strawberrie says:

    Thanks, one more question about merit points. Besides 5 physical potency, which one did you invest ?

  4. Reiginsei says:

    I love Japanese translation to English. Its like they deliberatly do it to confuse english speakers ; ;

    As for The Departed, is it really that close to Infernal Affairs? /shocked!

    I thought it was merely the plot that was lifeted, not the script too! O.o

  5. Ciermel says:

    OMFG that Engrish.com is mad funny, i was cracking up til 3;16 in the mornin reading it… luv it mai!

  6. Maiev says:

    Alexanderz’s reply: 

    I see two possible choies. CA Timer OR Magical Accuracy. I personally did Magical Accuracy because… there is just no way you increase the chances of landing spells (If you are already carrying STR / Accuracy gear). Besides, 20 sec faster in CA timer vs 10% more accurate… I mean slower CA time isn’t a bad thing afterall because you can get more TP in 20 seconds… that’s why I picked Magical Accuracy.

    Reiginsei‘s reply:

    Um, I was told that the Warner Bros bought the script but uses American Actors and Culture. Generally its the same until the end. In the HK version, there was two separate ending where you only see one ending in the Depared. There’s still suprises even for a person that “sort of” remember the plot from the same story XD.

  7. Reiginsei says:

    Cool looking forward to seeing it ^^ I doubt it will beat the original though, its one of my favourite movies :D

  8. mirith says:

    Nice guide Maiev~

    And WOW. What a great bunch of links. Seriously, I’d love to see what your bookmarks list looks like haha Must be HUGE.

  9. Etain says:

    I can’t view the vids ’cause I’m here at work, but I have spent many an hour lol’ing at Engrish.com. XD That Grammar room sign is a great find- I was considering using it on messageboards/forums when someone’s grammar is waaaaay out there. XD XD

  10. Maiev says:

    Reply to Reiginsei:
    Make a post on ur blog after u watch it ^^; i wanna see wut u think about it XD

    Reply to mirith:
    Actually, i visit digg a lot, its a website where news ranking are ordered by users. You’ll find the most random things on Earth. Shuold go check it out if u got a few minutes XD
    Reply to etain:
    I’m glad you like it :o but go watch the vid too T.T, unless u dun want spoilers, u’ll like it XD, or i’ll let you sit on my talu head XD

  11. shouldyray says:

    [..YouTube..] i LOVED the end how iy looked like it bounced lol, that so cool.

  12. ShAdowVillE says:

    [..YouTube..] 714 xp off of chain 5 D: i really need to get from 74-75 now and finish off nin ><

  13. Lemoris says:

    [..YouTube..] excellent´╗┐ video. I highly enjoyed it.

  14. Lemoris says:

    [..YouTube..] excellent video. I highly´╗┐ enjoyed it.


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