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Ugh.. Mai laptop being recalled…

LOL Sony

the StarOnion, Maiev [1]

Sony says I need to ship it in :/

So lame, I didn’t even use it for a good awhile (less than a year [2]) and its now being recalled for lame shit. Well apparently, my mini TZ91 laptop burned some people in the States and they are now providing free repair (which I don’t know what they can do other than dusting). Oh well, there goes my FFXI at work dream for awhile. (I was thinking I can play more)

Your Sony Notebook Product Code: 28394839 , Model #: VGN-TZ91NS , and Serial #: ^_^; is affected and REQUIRES SERVICE.

Source: My Eeto friend geek reading on TG Daily [3].

So lets put it this way, my first VAIO R505.. I left a loose screw in, short circuit and burned the laptop, so I bought my T-150, that one had a I don’t know why burned motherboard, took like almost a lawsuit to get it done. (LOL FL Repair centre). So it came back (picture at bottom), and now this new TZ91 (Which was meant to replace my old T-150 thinking it’d never get repaired), are now being recalled. I think I’m going to keep going with Sony laptop because they are so good lol!

Oh well, one less computer to play with [4]. (Which also happens to be my mobile FFXI machine.)