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Random Ix’Mnk Solo…(Lv75)

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Unprepared Ix’Mnk Solo…

Seriously, I didn’t even thought about soloing it at all… I was just fighting my way around, got an HQ Aern Organ. Eventually I was near 2nd floor and was about to warp for Salvage. I was curious if the ??? was there and surprisingly, it was there so I asked Istari… lets just try it lol…

I didn’t really wanted the cape at first but… someone was looking at my Ele set and was like.. you can get higher O.o! I’m like fine… I’ll go get it just for completion of my Ele set =.=”

From my Sea farming experience, the Ix’Mnk could lose aggro during pull to the room so I was being very careful not running too far. I asked Istari to sack the trash while I go grab the Ix’Mnk.

Our original battle plan was… he sack it, I kite it and when he’s unweakened, lets duo it but… apparently by the time Ist is ready, its like 60% so I just kept DoTing it to death. Another reason Ist didn’t engage was, we had a 5 man Ix’Mnk awhile ago, and it didn’t turn out good because… hate was swapping in and out, and the Aern would cut through the middle to reach them. The Ix’Mnks path was uncontrolled so it was pretty bad.. kinda wiped xD

So decided to just let me DoT this until I die… apparently I never died after that ._.

Anyway, the video below describe the encounter! (Take note of my weakened status icon and my HP, you’d see that cures overrated)

Hi-Res version here [1]. (link might not work if its still being uploaded, 143MB)

Right after the 500% mark, I was literally kiting it out of my weakness, with 22hp all the way along! Not that I didn’t wanna cure, but I just couldn’t get a Cure 3 off ^^ (I was on PvE macro, it wasn’t customized for soloing lol…, could have used Fast Cast hat and body etc).


But in general, you don’t need any preparation at all to do this fight, because I didn’t ^^; I pretty much took this stuff [2], PvE macros and pop Ix’Mnk lol.. I do have a PvE Solo macro (like not swapping Convert HP gear so much, get rid of all – Enmity stuff since not necessary during soloing etc)

Anyway, that’s Istari in the video ^^; Welcome back Istari ^^ (my boyfriend xD) I have a lot to write about Istari and our fun together ^^; This was just one of it xD