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The “Salv-Dupe” like banning in WoW

This was brought up on BG Adv. Discussion for roughly an hour before it was moved [1]. For those that’s interested, read on :)

The Martin Fury Scandel

Martin Fury, World of Warcraft, AoE Death 30 Yards Shirt, The Marvel Family

An Item that’s AoE to all enemies within 30 yards!

Well this is the perfect example of where it’s Blizzard’s fault, but the player got banned for it. Lets keep it simple. It’s Blizzard’s game, they call the shots. However, its the same thing happened in FFXI where the developer is obviously in fault. Players didn’t hack, it was simply an error made on the developer side, player used the whatever “flaw” there was and got the banstick.

So What Really Happened? (In FF Lauguage)

In WoW, the developer always enjoy making items just for laughs and giggles. [item]32761[/item] is a perfect example. I mean look at the tooltip.

Well this time, someone got their hands to the item on the right. Damn imagine you got that in FFXI? I’d go kill AV and PW all day :O. This kid didn’t like loot a mob to get it. It was sent by Blizzard’s GM :O. Why? When Blizzard restore account. They do not perform rollback. Instead, they look at what you have, what you’re missing, and Delivery-Box you the shit you are missing. When my friend Cusi got hacked, he got more gold, more Cashmere Cloth, and more Damascene Cloth in the end… you get the idea. They might just use a snapshot of your character, and Delivery-Box you those. Well in the case of this one, the dude was hacked, got his account restored and one of the item was a “SHIRT” name Martin Fury on it.

To the one I never met, FFXI Fan Art Drawing, Priestessofpie [2]

Rest in Peace!!! LM-11! by Priestessofpie [3]

Shirt in WoW serves no purpose. It’s like receiving a Linkpearl in your Delivery-Box. It’s nothing but a representation of your guild in WoW, or some super rare shit. Say you kill AV, well in WoW, you get a shirt. The shirt goes on top of all your armor, and it might have the dead AV picture on the shirt.

Well yea, this dude got a “Shirt” with that kind of stats on it. AoE Death. Imagine bringing that into Arena… 5v5, 1 shot all 5 players by 1 player. I’d feel like AV meteor’ing LOL :D Well how about bringing it into a 40v40 Alterac Valley :O I’d definitely use a charge there just for shits and giggles.

So anyway, we all know the new Ulduar just came out [4]. It’s kinda like MMM. Something pretty new. He used it on Ulduar boss. When people like me are getting cock-blocked, he just 1 hit blast everything out of his way x_x. If you read my post regarding the siege-weapon part in Ulduar, it takes some organization. I bet he just bike in, dismount and AoE the boss LOL.

Now the funny part is yea… doing 3 million damage isn’t something crazy, as demonstrated by Gulkeeva [5](former FFXI player). But then the 3 million damage is kinda the HP of the first boss… coincidence? :O

So yea, here’s the rest of the article on WoW Insider [6] (the same one that was linked from BG).

Martin Fury, basically God Mode in his account. Well the thing is… it came from Blizzard (Bliz’ error obviously), so none of them are even contended to call the Game Master and asking why.

In WoW, beating something first are on newspapers… it’s that epic. AV.. yea, I don’t even really know who got the first… considering everyone just watch Cut Scenes and got the kill. That dude who had Martin Fury didn’t want to take that glory away, by using such item, so he never AoE Death all bosses in the dungeon. I thought that was a good move. However, he had the item, he used it. No matter how many tisme or what so ever, he used it. Same deal with Salvage, you used it once, no difference than using it 100 times.

What Happened in the End?

Martin Fury, Karatechop, WoW, AoE Death 30 yards Shirt, The Marvel Family

Sad Duckie got the Banstick :/ LM-11

His account was banned, so was his guildies. However, his guildies got a 24hr ban whereas him for Perma Ban. Obviously not happy. Well, I guess can’t give Blizzard the credit for this. Such item is obviously made by Blizzard’s boring people at work and got slipped into the public. I do not think it was fair to give the banstick for Blizzard’s error, but regardless. We all agree to the EULA when we play. We don’t own anything, so yea, suck it up if you lose your digital data.

Here’s that kid’s Armory [7] for those that’s interested. Here’s also the boy’s interview from WoW Insider [8] regarding this incident.