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Default Mrshorty App

1.Do you meet our minimum requirements?
Yes I have Sea,Sky,limbus, Einhargar.
2.Past linkshell/server, reason for leaving?
Thirteen. I want to leave the ls because I get ignored and people in ls aren't polite.
What time can you play?
I mostly play all week long in the afternoon 7pm Est-12Am
Who can access your account? Why?
No one can just me right now.
Why you want to come join DuckHUNT?
I've heard good things about this linkshell and I want to have more experience in endgame.
References (within and outside). Preferably, a former LS leader or former Sack who can put their name on the line to vouch for you.
Very good friends with Youngtaru and Cassey.
Do you understand a Minimum of of 50% attendance is MANDATORY during the trial period? (roughly 8 events/evenings in your first month)
Yes I understand and I'm up for the challenge I try my best to show up to all events.
I have 75 Rdm Blm Pld Thf Mnk
Main jobs are Rdm and Blm
Not fully merit but I have Para II Bio III 2 in Ice/Wind Acc
Blm= Freeze and Burst II 2 Ice po and 1 Thunder
Element magic+1
Mnk Pld Thf are New 75 just gearing them up.
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Thanks for applying We'll get back with you soon
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