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…..thoroughly demoralized

Reality check time for Connie & Tazo who spent 12+ hours on CoP 2.5. Mission still not done. 0/7. What is this game doing to me? Why am I crying over a GAME? I never cried over being head-shotted millions of times in CounterStrike, or when I tried for hours trying to beat 8-feet Butterfly in DDR. What’s up with FFXI that makes me so attached? :'(

I long for the warmth of days gone by,
When you were mine,
But now those days are memories in time.
Life’s empty without you by my side.
My heart belongs to you, no matter what I try.
When I get the courage up to love somebody new,
It always falls apart ’cause they just can’t compare to you.
Your love won’t release me,
I’m bound under ball and chain,
Reminiscing our love, as I watch four seasons change.


I’m missing the days without ffxi, am I?