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Quest: The Opo-Opo and I (Princess Tazo quest! ^^)

Tazo Taru's Bard in Sha'ir Manteel, FFXI Fenrir

I know this is a level 68 item, but being a lazy non-quest-loving tarutaru, I waited a month after reaching 75 on bard to start the quest. Before I could even get to start the quest I had to turn in MORE cornettes for fame ; ;. Here are some highlights of the ten items I needed to hand into the darn monkeys in Kazham.

Tazo Taru with Destroyplanets, FFXI Fenrir [1]

Destroyplanets and I playing pattycake while waiting for mobs to pop in Horuto Ruins. ^^

*Tens of Coins Card, Giant Fish Bones, Lucky Egg (farmed with dp! tyty)
*Sands of Silence, Wandering Bulb, Blackened Toad (sponsored by shunzi! tyty)
*Wyvern Skull (farmed with dp, maiev&catalyst, shunzi; note* Some fat dragon in Ilfrit killed me then sat on me.)
*Ancient Salt (farmed with shunzi and soulcalibur! tyty)

Tazo Taru with Shunzi, FFXI Fenrir [2]

Shunzi breaking out her ranger widescan skillz along with Neph to help me find those damn monkeys. Me? I’m hamming it up for the camera^^.

Tazo Taru with Nephtis's Stupid Player, FFXI Fenrir [3]