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Otak and Mai getting Married!

Jeff and Karla under tree by lurazeda [1]

Otak’s Gift to Mai!

We’re getting Married!!

http://ffxiv.lalafella.com (Wedding Website) [2]

Jeffrey & Karla (or Otak & Mai), finally reach the exp cap in our relationship! We’ve decided to go beat maat up and break the final tier of our Limit Break, exp to 75 and Merit!

I mean, we’re in so much love, can’t you just tell from the artwork she gave to me for my RL Birthday? :)

OMG Getting Married! /brag to Real-Life friends!

Anyway! I’m so excited to let everyone know that we’d be hosting our real wedding in Final Fantasy XIV (yes, the game). No, we didn’t do it through the Wedding Program like the one from Final Fantasy XI [3], it’d be just self organized wedding!

It’d be the wedding where both RL friends and e-friends come together and celebrate omg :O!

If you read this, you are already invited to our wedding!

Mai and Otak, FFXIV and FFXI [4]

Jeff & Karla’s Avatar in FFXI/FFXIV

For the details of our Final Fantasy XIV wedding, please visit

http://ffxiv.lalafella.com [2] <-- Wedding Website! For RSVP, simply leave a comment on this post! It's super simple! Once you leave a comment (with the correct email), we'd be sending you further details in regards to our wedding! If for some odd reason you cannot post comment below, simply email RSVP to rsvp at staronion dot com! Hope to see you on 1st Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon, 2012! <3 Jeff & Karla

Happy April Fools!