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Maiev and Tazo More Exping & 3ds

First thing first, damn if you’re from Fenrir, gotta start blogging, I only know Etain is the only other talu tat blogs -.-

Like what people always say, you learn how to step on the gas padel before you learn how to turn, you learn how to swear before u learn how to speak the language (for me yes) xD. I’ve learn how to edit my talu into a monster before anything productive HAHA. Yar that’s my black dalmatica btw! I tried putting white in or maintain those gold chains, it looks very weird, so I left it pure black (including chains). I also got BIG TALU EYES!

Maiev Tazo, 3ds, FFXI Fenrir, Dat [1]

At least i learn how to scale, select verticies and compile something tat works in FF lol.

Back to something FF related. I login and my friend was exping with my friend. I took over and rofl! (I’m missing 3 str too from the torque ; ;)

Parser Results [2]I was dead for 2 fights, Derrek afk 1 fight, phew barely pull a #1 xD

For those that wonder why some parser was never posted. If the 6 people didn’t fight over 50 monster (around 60min party without any changes), there is a high margin of error thus I consider that parser inaccurate to show any point.

Death Scissors, 1474, Caedarva mire, FFXI Fenrir, Taru [3]

then tata!

Maiev's Blue Mage, Ding Lv72, FFXI, Fenrir
Tazo Ding Lv73, FFXI Fenrir Taru

Shortly, went back to J and rofl, another f-kin relic! God damn ppl and their relic O.O but gratz (I can’t believe Zimph buys into Kirschy’s lie, Kirschy is so not a girl -.-) but gratz anyway

Apocalypse, Kirschy, FFXI Fenrir, Relic [4]