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My 1st party, um, was with my friend. We kinda rock tat exp – ppl tat were soloing imps! As always, dp’s my greatest trick partner. But I also take into account his blinks b4 doing my lolDeathScissors :D.<

Maiev, Blue Mage, Death Scissors 1261, FFXI Fenrir [1]

Parser Results [2]

Anyway, I kinda think, from 50-71, I’ve scored #1 dmg in about 95% of the time. So I was thinking, is Blue Mage that owning? So I got myself a 3 war PT (I was 70blu, we had a 71war 72war 73war). Click the image below for larger SS. Time to see Blue Mage and TP Burn jobs.

Maiev, Blue Mage, Thief, Lv71, FFXI Fenrir Taru [3]

Parser Results [4]

And you know, a Blue Mage 70-71 was able to outparse 71,72 hauby wars, and also outparse a 73 war by 0.02% (Go check the parser above). In my view, if you play Blue Mage right, its really owning. Also, Minuet doesn’t even add damage to my CA death scissors, so a brd only benefits me in melee damage, and does nothing to my ws too. Yet I was still able to pull 1337 damage xD.

And after 2 years of playing MaievTalu… My Evasion is not BLUE ZOMG!

Maiev's Evasion Skill, 211, Blue Mage Taru Fenrir

Time to Sleep! But damn I <3 Blue!