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Paper Art – Red Mage Hat!

Paperart - Pimp Red Mage Hat, FFXI, Arts and Crafts [1]

RL Pimp Hat! (Click above image for actual instruction & printout)

Paper Art 1

No its not emo’s or e-peens, today is about being artistic and squeezing your brain juice! Actually, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time doing arts and crafts that’s FFXI related these days. Anyway!

Today’s the RDM AF Hat :D You can put it onto your mouse, plushies or whatever, its not big but its simple to make!

When doing these paparart, ensure you are

For the Red Mage Hat, you can download it here [1]. Credit goes to the person that’s on that paper lol!

I’m working on another model, but I don’t have a pic atm! Its really fun ‘.’! Finally something tangible. I always think it’d suck when you quit and you got nothing (Well, friends). So here I am making some stuff lawl.

Let me know if you’re actually doing this! Post a pic after :D