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Mog Bonanza 2008

Mog Bonanza, 2008,m FFXI

Mog Bonanza

FFXI Lottery

So like… there’s a new update :D Lottery Ticket!

Source here [1].

Mog Bonanza marbles available for purchase from May 16 till May 28.
The winning numbers will be announced on June 30.
Prizes available for collection from July 2 till July 31.

So here’s a few things I’d like to say

Interesting Poll on FFXIAH here.

What I’d take? You can assure me I’m going to take 100m gil…. I also have Tazo… and she eats gil… so I technically only get 50m >.>

SE is making good REAL cash out of this event! Nice way to boost character subscribers and revenue ^_^. They are really RMTing ha ha ha! Indirectly :) Next week’s press! We’ve broken the 2 million character creation mark :) They aren’t lying but rofl…

On the side… just when you think your friend loves you…

Etain defeats Maiev, FFXI [2]

Its nothing but a lie :x I feel like a criminal :( that everyone like Etain [3] likes to chase after to get a kill shot screenshot :(