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{Treasure Coffer} {Found It!}

Treasure Coffer, Maiev, Birthday Present, FFXI, Yuukino [1]

Mai Coffer via Fedex, by Courtney (Yuukino in FFXI)

The Treasure Coffer

So how do you usually get yours? Most of the time you’d goto FFXIClopedia, look up where to get keys, farm the keys… then go find the coffer :D Apparently mines come differently :o Mines… was shipped to me via Fedex :D You’d normally find AF’s inside but for Mai’s… its cookies and drawings <3<3 Yuukino, who's currently in my duck linkshell, decided to sent me, Ashmanaiel [2]and Hellknight [3]cookies and drawing.

I mean… they are all good, but I just think mines much better… cuz… Yuuki loves me more? :) J/k ^^;

I actually like mines a lot, simply because… I think she’s really drawn me the way she thinks about me… crazy and wild lol… If you look at the original [4]of my drawing… its actually got like amazing detail on the Nashira.. really really detail… the original even have glitters on it too ^_^; So its real shinyz! Very girly too :x! Its not just a drawing, but a drawing that reflects/talks about me :)

Thank You Yuuki :) Although I’m still chewing a bit on the cookies, but they are good :) That mini coffer had a lot of cookies in it =_= like at least 40… if I get fat, I’m going to have to blame it on video game!!