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Mai Birthday = You 100DKP MINUS!

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Mai’s Birthday = Finally got Nashira Body

Mai’s Birthday = Got Nashira Body

I’ve been quite busy with random dinners lol :3 think I had like 4 separate dinner altogether :O! Tazo and her DotA friends treated me to some crazy expensive Dim Sum place xD (Each Dim Sum was literally $2 down the stomach xD).. then Eeto took me somewhere else.. then my co-workers.. and finally my College Friends.

FFXI Celebration

So during the past month… I’ve been whoring or… “Racking up” quite a lot of gear. I’ve finally got my Nashira Body… its nothing but town gear :D Its pretty xD (You know what, its a POS when it comes to stats but… a lot of people in my LS wants it :O). I’m like the Mini Naja in my linkshell now… or aka “their Biatch” I’ve racked up some.. Homam gear too (Shoes, pretty good), and some Salvage equipment too :) Got um.. Love Polearms too… and such ok.. got to stop listing :(

Apart from loot whoring, I also had some rofl in-game prank :) Since I wasn’t even on for my Birthday… at all, they had the whole evening to plan this out :) So they did the most famous one… filling up your Delivery Box with junk. It might work for most people but as you see on my FFXIAH [1], I don’t even use my AH :)

Birthday Prank, FFXI, the StarOnion Brigade, Rock Salt, Delivery Box

Junk in Delivery Box

The Birthday Prank + Revenge

So everything was having SO MUCH fun laughing at my Dbox [2]… so I was like kay.. I don’t have the time to clear it so I really logged :3 But I was thinking.. these guys gotta suffer!

At first I was going to hit the “Return to Sender” button, but its too much trouble to do it for infinite amount of items (I don’t know how many)… so instead, I abused my linkshell leader right to put a prank… here’s what exactly I typed on forums :)

Since its a private forum, I’ll just post a screenshot of my Opening Post (OP) below :)

the StarOnion Brigade, Maiev, DuckHUNT, April Fools, Prank, FFXI [3]

So I created a totally fake excel sheet with all their old score and linked it (only by linking it will it be a prank :3 can’t really mod the real sheet). Most of them think I just provide the link at their “convenience”, but actually its the fake sheet [4] :) So if you browse it using Internet Explorer, you’ll see the last row HAHA.

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New Moogle Plushies!

New Plushies

Anyway, I posted it.. no one even had a word on it or wanted to reply, they all think I’m serious about it :3 (Although I think.. saying I deal drugs kinda gave it away). Then after a bit, I even get a word from Ashmanaiel in linkshell. He said.

“oh wow mai, you have no sense of humor at all”

LOL, I was like literally crying when I saw that… someone fell for it completely :) ROFL… I was about to fall off my chair :) It was one damn good revenge :) They all know it now so that’s why I can post about it but rofl :) To be honest… I think I’ve got quite a lot of humor… why would they think I can ever do ONE HUNDRED DKP MINUS to them? :o

I could have also saved it for April 1st, but then its too obvious… plus I suck in April Fools joke >.>

Anyway :) New Plushies for presents too :) Now I’ve got a big daddy moogle and a small taru moogle :) I love moogles, starring at the plushies makes you happy and calms you down because they are all smiling :) Should get one ^^;

Btw :) Publishing with WordPress 2.5 ^^; Pretty nice and smooth.