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Latest Kirin Zerg!

Duckies’ Kirin Zerg

Duckies’ Kirin Zerg

Its been quite awhile since we’ve done a Kirin Zerg.. so here it is… Our setup is getting crappier and crappier :D Before we’d have 2 Kclubs and 2 Relics, now we only have 1 kClub and no relics… We have more Kclub available than … Dark Knights lol…

Most of us are just Auction-House Samurai’s :3 aren’t really equipped with King Abj’s :x

I kinda did shit damage xD That’s for sure… so yea.. even with Auction House Samurai like me :D we were able to kill it hehe :) That’s what it really matters :)

Anyway.. here’s our Kirin Zerg :)