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Here comes the Bubian…

Divine Might, DuckHUNT, Fenrir, Maiev

Ducks’ Divine Might

So um… we did Divine Might… pretty sure most people did too. We had a decent setup! Kiters were mostly paired up with healers. As a result, I thought it’d take pretty long since we don’t really have DPS but… it turned out we killed it within 11mins [1] (including CS time) with ~2 deaths.

Now what I didn’t taken into account was relic weapons. Nothing really happened, our Relic Ranger literally soloed one of the Ark Angel.

Setup was roughly, 4 Nin Kiters paired up with 4 Healers, 2 healer in each PT, 2 Bard, rest are DD’s (which includes 2 blm)

Divine Might, DuckHUNT, Fenrir, Maiev [2]

Crazy Relic Damage

As you see from those screenshots… that’s quite a lot of damage right there… (its shopped together, clicking it will give you the full log)

The damage SS was from Sakurakun’s Blog.

What we saw was… eye bleeding. We couldn’t believe it was that easy. Everyone was stunned and we were trying to figure it out what happened in there… and we were all trying to add up the damage. Parser wasn’t even accurate because the parser were also running around. Anyway…

It was so ground breaking… that one of our LS member – Jingex wrote a poem to describe what he saw.

Relic Bow, Bubian, FFXI

Our Relic Ranger – Bubian!

Bubian, Bubian
Does whatever a ranger can.
Shoots an arrow, at any time.
Pwns Ark Angels that look like mimes.
Look out!
Here comes bubian!

Is he strong?
Listen bud!
He’ll shoot you down like Elmer fudd.
Careful, he will shoot your head.
Too late your already dead.
Hey, there
There goes the Bubian.

In the middle of a fight.
Shooting Ark Angel mimes.
He shoots them with all his might
And kills them right on time.

Relic Bow, Bubian, FFXI

His Trophy! – A Wallpaper with the Poem!

Bubian, Bubian.
Friendly DHs Bubian.
Wealth and fame,
he’s ignored.
Hope Torque is his only reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up
Whenever there’s a hang up
You’ll find the Bubian.

It was just that amazing. I gave him an award too, a 3ds rendered image with that poem, just for laughter lol.

I wish I Frapsed that fight! It would have been able to fit in YouTube’s 10min Quota! xD