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Wish I get Paid to run Linkshells…

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Mai linkshell’s point system

But I don’t :/ not even a single gil! The sad part is, when the linkshell is done with events, everyone just d2 out and type /shutdown … no more worries.. but for me… its time that I double click my excel sheet and start putting 1’s beside who went to event etc.

Unlike really hardcore linkshells… ducks is rather casual so… a point system is needed to keep track who gives in more effort than others~ the rarest item that we can obtain doesn’t even have a price tag, but a proxy bidding system :3 Long story short, you pay the points you think its worth :) with your hard-earn hours :)

Anyway… the reason I mention it is… I just spent 2hrs catching up 1week worth of attendance updating :3 So tiring yet it must be done and… its only a video game :< The duck spreadsheet has recorded 200 events with around 50-60 people... cash split, KS99 order.... 75abc withdrawal... just about everything all under this one spreadsheet... its crazy big but... its my philosophy: Open, Fair and Transparent to everyone. For those curious folks... here's the uber spreadsheet [1].

So how does your “casual” LS system work? Does it simply use priority? How does it tackle ninjars? Loot Whores? :)